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Chapter 43 Till Next Time: Part II - Side Chapter
Word Count: 2138    |    Released on: 23/10/2021

Lizha abruptly entered Dylan's bedchamber.

"I…" Lizha paused as she saw Dylan pack his things.

Lizha went towards him following his every move.

"What are you doing?" asked Lizha, watching Dylan stuff his dresses into a suitcase.

"I'm packing my things..."

"What for?" asked Lizha in amazement.

"I'm going back to Greavaria..."

"Huh! How so?"

"Archie sent me back to Greavaria..." Dylan continued to loot his own wardrobe.

"So all those screams…" Lizha paused.

"I know you like Bentley... if you want you can stay... I'll ask the empress to have you as one of her escorts... she seems to like you very much..." said Dylan taking his shoes .

"No…" Lizha shook her head, "I'll go with you…" she walked towards Dylan's headboards.

Lizha picked up the pot on the headboard and held it up.

"Are you going to take this?" Lizha looked at Dylan.

Dylan turned and looked at the pot.

"That..." Dylan stared at the pot, "leave it!" he looked away.


Lizha set the vial back on the nightstand. At the same moment she looked out the window and saw a carriage ready.


"What?" Dylan asked, still packing his things.

"Looks like there's already a carriage waiting for us."

"Great..." Dylan was still indifferent and juat packed his things.

Lizha looked at him in disbelief that he was all indifferent.

She ignored it all and helped Dylan pack his things.

Dylan stopped and started looking around.

"What is missing?"

Lizha looked at him still packing his things.


"Yes…" Dylan looked at Lizha.

"Are you sure about what you are doing?"


"Are you really leaving?" Lizha stared at him.

"I'm leaving anyway..."

"Dylan... Maybe you should think a little more about it..."

"There's nothing to think about..." Dylan went back to packing his things.

"Dylan... you---"

—— locked chapter ——
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