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Chapter 8 Visit to Greavaria: Part V

Word Count: 2263    |    Released on: 31/08/2021

The carriage stopped and after a few minutes the door was opened.

"Your highness Dylan and your imperial highness Archie, we have already arrived at the castle," the knight bowed.

"Thank you," Dylan and Archie said simultaneously.

Both looked at each other at the same time, not believing they were both in tune.

The knight backed away from the entrance, giving way to the royalty.

Archie got out of the carriage and held out his hand to help Dylan out.

Not that he wanted to be nice, but he should keep up appearances.

Dylan didn't hesitate, took his hand as usual. He should also maintain the appearance of a delicate princess, while he was far from it.

Finally he got out of the carriage.

Both started walking towards the castle entrance.

The air between them was heavy, barely heard their footsteps on that concrete floor.

Both steps, also in tune.

Both felt they should say something, but not because they were attracted to each other, but simply to break the ice between them.

And even after giving a few steps, the front door seemed to be far away.

Finally they reached the foot of the door and it was opened.

Both entered, as if it wasn't enough, both still had to move on together, after all the royal rooms were located in the same place.

At this exact moment, Dylan stopped and Archie continued walking without noticing that Dylan was behind.

"Ah... Archie..."

Archie snapped back to reality and looked back.

He gaped trying to figure out when he'd gotten so far away from Dylan.

"I'm going to have a few words with my father... We'll talk later," Dylan forced a smile.

"Ah... Alright. See you at dinner time."

Dylan nodded and turned around, striding toward the throne room, just wanting to get away from Archie as quickly as possible.

Archie sighed in relief and walked back to his quarters.

This time, his steps were softer and more casual.

Archie went upstairs, towards Ian's bedchambers.

—— locked chapter ——
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