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Under Secrets

Under Secrets

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During the war between the Kingdom of Greavaria and the Empire of Promor, Magdaleena Montgomery the Queen of Greavaria Kingdom gave birth to a boy, but before she die, she asked her escort to hide the fact that the child she gave birth to was a boy, to avoid after he grows up as a Prince have to face the war. So this boy, Dylan since his birth, everyone believed he was a girl and after he reach the age of 4 years he went to live in a convent. Eighteen years later, the war between Greavaria Kingdom and the Promor Empire ends and, for seal peace Dylan is forced to get back to his homeland to marry Archie Seanford, the first son of the Empire of Promor. How will Dylan a man and heterosexual be able to deal with this marriage?

Chapter 1 The Begging

A long long time ago, when there were kingdoms, kings, queens, princes and princesses, between the 13th and 14th centuries, there was a very prosperous Kingdom called Greavaria, that was ruled by King Arthur Montgomery.

This man was known for his great charisma, wisdom and mercy towards his people and the neighboring kingdoms.

As an interesting popular saying goes, behind a great man there is a great woman, beside that great man was a great woman, Queen Magdaleena Montgomery.

Although this kingdom was prosperous, like any kingdom, wars were inevitable.

In 1270, three years had passed since the war between the Kingdom of Greavaria and the Empire of Promor and, that same year Queen Magdaleena was giving birth, it was a very complicated birth.

It was necessary that three midwives had been with her, but because she did not know the sex of the child, she preferred that the only midwife would be her companion, Helena.

Finally the child was born, Magdaleena was very happy to see that she had given birth to a very strong and healthy child, but at the same time, she was sad to learn that the child who had given birth was a boy.

In order to prevent him from growing up and joining the war as the prince, Queen Magdaleena made a request to the only person she trusted with all her life, her escort, Helena.

Before losing her life, Magdaleena asked Helena to hide the fact that the child was a boy and to tell everyone that the child who had given birth was a girl.

The scort accepted without questioning anything, the queen also asked her to tell the king that the only request she had was that after four years, the child she had given birth to, lived in a convent and that the child should only return at the end of war.

The scort accepted.

Magdaleena took the child, kissed the child and said the child's name would be Dylan, as she didn't want them to know he was a boy until the end of the war and didn't want to give him a female name because he wasn't a woman.

Magdaleena died taking Dylan in her arms. Helena cried, but she did exactly as the late queen had said.

She introduced the child to the King, Arthur Montgomery, who in turn accepted as his beloved late Queen had asked.

Helena was taking care of the child hiding his true gender.

Time passed, the war continued, four years passed and finally it was the time Dylan's should go to live in the convent, far from the kingdom, far from the war and far from anything that could harm his life. His nanny went with him, after all, Helena was the closest person to whom Dylan knew.

Dylan was growing up with the love and affection of his nanny Helena.

He knew he was different from everyone else in the convent and his nanny Helena always told him to hide it the fact that he was a boy.

At age 13 he met Lizha, at the time she was 10 years old. They became good friends. When Dylan was 18 years old, Helena died but left Dylan with a letter that should be opened on the day he returned to the kingdom, the moment that would be revealed that Dylan was a boy and that this fact was hidden to prevent him from going to war.

The years went by and four years later, the war was finally over.

Dylan could finally return to his realm and reveal his true identity.

However, when came to the moment, nothing was linear as Magdaleena and Helena had expected.


"So Dylan?"


"Have you started hearing the rumors yet?" Lizha combed Dylan's hair.

"What rumors?"

"Rumors about the end of the war between the kingdom of Greavaria and the Promor empire."

" like that fly...I heard it yesterday after mass..."

"It looks like life here at the convent is going to change."

"I hope so. Donations had decreased a lot due to the war."

Suddenly someone knockedthe door.

"Come in!" said Dylan.

"Excuse me," entered a girl, "Dylan..."

"Helena," Dylan saw the girl by the mirror.

"The director is calling you, she said she needs you in her office in five minutes."

"Okay," Dylan said.

The woman left.

"What could it be?" asked Lizha.

"It must be something related to the end of the war, I think I'll go home."

Dylan got up and looked at himself.

"You combed my hair really well, too bad I'm going to have to mess it," Dylan ran a hand over the hair

Dylan was white with tanned skin, waist-length blond hair, light brown eyes. He was tall and extremely beautiful.

"Here," Lizha handed him a gown, cassock, and a handkerchief.

Dylan received the clothes and dressed it.

"M I okay?" she ran her hand over her clothes.

"Very well," Lizha smiled.

"Well...let me see what the headmistress has to tell me."

Dylan left the room towards the directory.

Once in the living room, he knocked the door.

"Come in!" said someone on the other side of the door.

Dylan did so.

As he entered, he saw a royal man sitting in one of the chairs opposite the convent director.

"Good Morning!" Dylan got close to the table.

"Good morning," said the convent director.

The woman was Caucasian, middle-aged and dressed as a sister.

"Sit down!" The lady indicated the chair.

Dylan did so.

"This man has a message from your father," the sister pointed out to the lord.

The man got up and bowed.

"I bring a letter from Master Arthur Montgomery," the man handed Dylan a letter.

Dylan's heart pounded when he heard the name Arthur Montgomery, after all she hadn't heard that name since he was four years old.

"Thank you," Dylan received the letter.

Dylan opened the envelope and took out the letter.

He swallowed hard as he unfolded the letter.

Dylan my beloved daughter. It's been 18 years since I've seen your beautiful face. I want to believe you grew up graceful and beautiful in the grace of the gods like your mother. I send you this letter ordering you to return to the kingdom of Greavaria. After several years, the war was finally over. Return to Greavaria as soon as possible. From your beloved father, Arthur Montgomery.

Dylan folded the letter and put it back in the envelope.

I knew that this call had to do with the end of the war, Dylan thought.

"So, you didn't just come to give me this message..."

"No, your highness...your majesty has ordered me to take you back to Greavaria,"the man kept his head down.

"Lift your head. What's your name?"

The man lifted his head,

"The-o--Theodore, Your Highness."

"Fine. I'll be back, Theodore."

The Man nodded.

"Mistress Director..."

"Yes your highness..."

"Please keep calling me Dylan like you did for these 18 years..."

The woman nodded, "how can I help you?"

"I have a request..."

"I'm all ears."

"I want to take Lizha with me..."


"Yes, she's the only friend I've had since I've known myself as a person."

The woman nodded, "I authorize you to take Lizha with you."

"Thank you very much, Madam Director. Thank you for take care of me during all these years. When I return to the kingdom I will send monthly supplies to the convent."

"Thank you so much for your generosity Dylan," the lady opened a smile.


"Yes your highness!"

"Wait for me and Lizha at the gates...let's just pack up our stuff."

"Yes your highness."

Dylan left the director's office and returned to his room.

"So Dylan...why did the headmistress call you?" Lizha saw Dylan by the mirror.

"Pack your things!"

"Why?" Lizha continued to comb her hair.

"Let's go to Montgomery," Dylan was arranging his clothes.

"Do what?" Lizha looked at her.

"Lizha?" Dylan stared at her, "Do you want to stay forever in this convent starving to death? The war is over. My father told me to get back home."

Lizha got up all excited.

"What? Go to the kingdom of Graevaria?"

"That's what you heard! Pack your things," Dylan closed the suitcase.

"But what about the director?"

"I had her consent," Dylan began undressing, "we are not going out dressed as a nun.." He finally took off hi. clothes.

Lizha looked at Dylan up to down and smiled.

"What?"Dylan asked.

"If they knew..."

Dylan shook her head, heading towards the closet.

"That's exactly why I take you with're the only person I trust...I can't let another woman near me," Dylan was rummaging through the closet.

Finally he took off a dress.

"I'm ready now," Dylan was seeing his hair in front of the mirror.

"Me too..." Lizha smoothed her hair.

"Did you take everything that is yours?" Dylan looked around.

"Yes," Lizha cracked a smile, "because I'm best friends with the princess of Greavaria...I'll have better clothes..."

Dylan sighed, "Let's go."

Both carried their bags and left their room.

"I can't believe it...I'm leaving the convent. Maybe I'll meet a nobleman and get married," Lizha said excitedly.

"Avoid talking about royalty while we're in public. The war is over, but it's not known what will happen to me if they find out I'm Arthur Montgomery's child.

"Yes...yes..." Lizha panicked.

Finally they both arrived at the gate.

"Dylan! Lizha!"

Dylan and Lizha turned back.

They saw a group of women going after them.

"Ah...they came to say goodbye," said Lizha.

Lizha put her suitcase on the floor and ran to meet the girls.

Dylan crossed his arms watching the women embrace.

"Let me help."

Dylan turned back to see who it was.

"Ahm... Theodore."

The man carried Dylan and Lizha's bags.

Suddenly one of the women threw herself into Dylan's arms.


"Take care Dylan...I'll miss you..."

Dylan cracked a smile, "Me too..."

"Make sure you eat right..."

"I'll do it."

"Your..." Theodore paused.

"Is my suitcase packed, right?" Dylan tried to hide it.


Dylan ran a hand through the hair

"Lizha...let's go! Sylvie, take care," Dylan walked away.

"Wait for me!" Lizha ran to the carriage.

Finally they both got into the carriage and left.

"I can't wait to see the kingdom of Greavaria," Lizha was looking out the window.

Dylan opened a book and began to read.

The afternoon passed, after five hours of travel the carriage stopped.

Dylan looked around.

"Why did we stop?" she looked around.

Suddenly someone opened the door.

"Excuse me Your Highness. I believe Your Highness is tired and on the other hand it is getting late. If we keep walking, we will be targets of looters as soon as we reach the foot of the border. I hope your highness understands."

Dylan closed the book.

"I completely understand. Let me wake up Lizha."

"I'll ask the carter to get the best rooms in the tavern."

"Fine," Dylan nodded.

The messenger left.

Dylan got up and went to meet Lizha.

"Lizha!" Dylan shook Lizha's body, "Lizha...wake up!"

"Hmmm... What's wrong Dylan?"

"We stopped to take rest. Wake up..."


Lizha sat up and rubbed a hand over her eyes.

"Have we arrived in Greavaria?" she looked around.

"No...we stopped somewhere before the border," Dylan looked around, "well...let's get out. I need to shower and sleep."

Suddenly Theodore appeared.

"We've already booked the rooms..."

Dylan took Lizha's suitcase and hers then climbed out of the carriage.

"Let me help..."

Theodore walked over to Dylan and carried the bags.

So heavy, thought Theodore.

Finally Dylan got out of the carriage and looked around.

The place where they were was a forest and the only habitable structure was a tavern.

"Dylan..." Lizha called him.

Dylan turned back and saw Lizha trying to get out of the carriage.

Dylan sighed and went to meet Lizha.

"Here you go!" Dylan held out his hand.

Lizha took Dylan's hand and got out of the carriage.

Lizha messed up and they both fell. Lizha fell on top of Dylan.

"Lizha!" Dylan stared at Lizha.

Lizha looked away.

"Get up! You're heavy..."

Finally Lizha stood up and held her hand out to Dylan.

Dylan rolled his eyes and stood up by himself.

"Dylan?" Theodore called him.

Dylan sighed, shook out his clothes.

"Come on," he held Lizha's hand.

Both headed towards the tavern.

Finally they entered.

Dylan looked around.

The tavern was made of wood, was large and luxurious. There were numerous tables around, a reception, on the left side a bar and a dance floor. There were few people chatting.

Suddenly a woman got close, "Please follow me."

Dylan looked at Theodore, Theodore nodded.

The woman started walking and Dylan followed her and Lizha followed Dylan.

The three went up the stairs.

The girl stopped in front of a door and unlocked it.

"This will be your room," she pointed to the entrance.

Then Theodore appeared carrying Dylan and Lizha's bags.

"Please Theodore," Dylan pointed to the room entrance.

Theodore went in, left the bags on the floor, and left.

"Here it is," the girl handed Dylan a key.

Dylan received the key.

"Dinner time is at 8 pm, we can bring your dinner here if you prefer."

Dylan nodded, "and where is the toilet?"

The woman smiled, "This is one of the best rooms we have. It's a suite."

"Hmmm. Alright," Dylan nodded.

"If I may...I will leave."

Dylan nodded.

The woman left.

"If you allow me too...I will leave..." Theodore bowed.

Dylan nodded.

Theodore was leaving.

"Ah.. Theodore..."

Theodore turned back.

"Yes Dylan..."

"We'll want our dinner in the room."

"Understood," Theodore bowed and walked away.

Finally Dylan and Lizha entered the room.

Dylan closed the door.

"Wow....! How beautiful!" Lizha looked around.

Dylan went to the bed and threw himself.

"I'm exhausted," he said.

"The trip was long.." Lizha looked around, "but it was worth it," she concluded.

The room they had entered was large, had two single beds next to each other, two cupboards on each side, the bathtub and the toilet at the back.

"I need a shower," Dylan said.

"I'm going to prepare your bath," Lizha headed towards the bathtub, "should I order hot water?" Lizha looked at Dylan.

Dylan sighed, "It's going to take a long time. I'm going to shower with cold water."

"All right."

Lizha prepared Dylan's bath.

Lizha went to meet Dylan and began to undress him.

Dylan walked to the tub and got inside it.

"It's not that cold," Dylan sat in the tub.

Lizha approached Dylan and began to bathe him.

"So...for what reasons do you think your father ordered you to go back to Greavaria?" Lizha washed Dylan's feet.

"I don't know... it's natural for a parent to want their child back after the barrier that separated them has been crossed."

"I are you feeling?"

Dylan hooked his arms over the sides of the tub and relaxed against the wall.

"Indifferent. I knew this moment would come one day. I don't know how I will be able to face my father...I's been 18 years since I've seen him. I lived my childhood and adolescence far away from him...I don't know if I will be able to show my affection as his child."

"Relax Dylan...when the time comes you'll know what to do..."

"I hope so.."


Dylan woke up and looked around.

What is that noise? Is it my impression?, he thought.

Dylan looked away and saw Lizha still asleep. He got up and went towards the suitcase.

"Not that I will need..."

Dylan took a sword from his suitcase, got up, put on his robe, and left the room.

This noise comes...

Suddenly Dylan turned back and pointed his sword at someone's neck and the other person pointed his sword at Dylan's waist.

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