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Chapter 12 Wedding Preparations

Word Count: 2577    |    Released on: 19/09/2021

Dylan looked away from Archie, not believing the words he'd heard come out of his father's mouth, Arthur Montgomery.

Dylan went into thoughtful mode.

I can't believe... I can't believe... I'm getting married in three days, he thought.

Dylan looked at his father who was right next to him, just few inches away.

His father was all serene eating his breakfast.

Dylan looked away again.

I've lost my appetite... And I want to leave... But if I get up, I'll show how angry I am about this situation, Dylan thought.

He composed himself and finally began to eat his meal.

Archie looked at Ian, "Did you happen to know that?"

Ian was eating his breakfast, "No…" he replied serenely.

Archie sighed.

Ian put the cup of milk down on the table, "I don't understand why you're so angry... You already knew you were going to get married. After all, we came to visit the kingdom so you could meet your future wife---"

"I already knew her…" Archie commented impatiently, before Ian had even finished his sentence.

"Not like a princess. Whatever Archie, sooner or later you were going to marry her."

Archie let out a long breath.

"If you don't want to be with the princess, leave it to whoever does," Keith said sarcastically.

Archie squeaked again and finally started his breakfast.

After thirty minutes Dylan finished his breakfast.

"Father... Please, allow me to leave."

"Permission granted daughter."

Dylan rose, bowed and left.

Dylan walked slowly on the red carpet, his head was held high and steady, his hands were together in the mudra del vacio position.

As he walked, he glanced slightly at Archie and so did he.

Dylan looked away and continued to walk gracefully towards the exit of the great hall..Finally he walked through the compartment door.


Dylan's grace ended and he began to walk in longer strides towards the royal quarters.

He went upstairs and after a few minutes he was already in the hallway of the royal quarters reserved for female royalty.

He entered his bedchamber and was already taking off the cloak he was wearing over his shoulder.

He threw the cloak over the bed and sat down in one of the armchairs.

Then the door opened and Dylan turned to see who was coming.

—— locked chapter ——
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