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Chapter 32 Visit to Altermor: Part VII

Word Count: 2113    |    Released on: 11/10/2021

Lizha walked between the aisles, taking a basin of water in her hands.

Behind her came another servant, also carrying a basin of water in her hands.

They arrived at the foot of the door of the Seanfords' bedchamber and one of the guards who were there on duty opened the door.

Lizha nodded and entered, leaving the servant who accompanied her outside.

Upon entering, Lizha saw Dylan and Archie sleeping together.

Dylan was lying on Archie's chest, Archie had hugged him, and the sheet only covered up to Dylan's waist.

Lizha frowned seeing that scene.

How romantic, she thought.

She quickly went to a table and set down the basin of water.

Then she went back to the door and the servant handed her another basin of water.

When she went back inside, she saw that Archie had woken up and their eyes crossed.

Lizha ignored him and went to the table to put in the other basin of water.

Then she started to arrange some cloths on the table.

"Hmmm… did I hear someone come in?" Dylan asked as he snuggled against Archie's chest.

"It was Lizha, honey…" Archie kissed Dylan's head.

"Ahm... okay... it's cold..."

Archie pulled the blanket up to Dylan's neck and hugged him.

"Now it's good?" Archie asked, stroking Dylan's hair.

Dylan nodded.

Lizha was still there all serene, doing her work.

Geez, this son of the emperor... seems to like Dylan, she thought, as she folded the cloths.

After a few minutes, Lizha finally finished her work and walked away from the table.

She looked at the table for a moment.

"Great..." she said heading towards the door.

As she left, she looked at the Seanford couple's bed and saw Archie looking at her, still hugging Dylan.

Lizha bowed and quickly left their bedchamber.

Archie followed Lizha's steps with his eyes

The door was closed.

—— locked chapter ——
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