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Chapter 34 Visit to Altermor: Part IX
Word Count: 2218    |    Released on: 13/10/2021

Dylan was sitting writing something and suddenly someone entered his bedchamber.

Dylan looked at the door and saw Lizha enter.

"I really needed you… I thought you weren't coming so soon," Dylan said seeing Lizha approaching, "you with the castle steward?"

"None of that," Lizha replied, all flustered.

"So?" Dylan asked, all curious.

"Ah…" Lizha ran a hand over her head, looking away.

"Huh! What's that around your neck?" Dylan asked, already getting up.

Dylan saw a hickey on Lizha's neck

"What?" Lizha took a step back, looking at Dylan.

Dylan saw Lizha's lips a little redder than usual and a little swollen.

Dylan took a step back, all taken aback.

"I can't believe it…" he covered his mouth with his hand.

"What Dylan? You're scaring me..."

"Who's the lucky one... and how long have you been dating together?"

"What are you talking about Dylan?" asked Lizha, playing dumb.

Dylan flashed a teasing smile.

"Spit it out Lizha," Dylan said as he sat back down, "you've got a real hickey on this side," he pointed at his neck."

Lizha covered the spot with her hand.

"It's not what you're thinking..."

Dylan crossed his arms, "Come on Lizha... this is normal... speak... who's the lucky one?"

"Bentley.. " Lizha looked away.

"Ah... Really? Archie's personal escort..."

Lizha nodded.

"Wow… how long have you been dating?"

"We've already got a little three weeks…" Lizha replied, totally embarrassed.

"Wow... and only today are you saying that to me...? By the way, I found out... you didn't say anything. You were planning on hiding it for how long?"

"I was afraid of your reaction..."

"Really Lizha?" Dylan stared at her, "it's not like I'm your father... I'm a person like you... your best friend and who wants the best for you."

Lizha cracked a smile.

"Have you already...?

"Of course not Dylan..." replied Lizha, all horrified.

—— locked chapter ——
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