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Chapter 20 Winter is Festival: Part III
Words Count: 2006    |    Released on:27/09/2021

Archie laid Dylan down on the bed.

"What happened to her highness?"

Archie moved away from the bed, still looking at Dylan.

"I don't know... she complained of dizziness and I told her to get back and take a rest... right when she got up she passed out."


This has never happened before, Lizha thought.

She walked over to Dylan and touched his forehead.

God! He's burning in fever, Lizha thought, still clutching Dylan's forehead.

Archie frowned, "What is it?" he asked, seeing Lizha's facial expression.

Lizha had gone pale. She got away from Dylan and forced a smile.

"Nothing... Her highness has had a relapse like this before... In an hour she'll be fine," Lizha lied, hoping that Archie could let Dylan take rest so that Dylan's true identity wouldn't be discovery.

Archie frowned.

She lied! thought Archie with conviction.

She says Dylan has had this relapse before, but when I brought the princess in she was surprised... She's lying... but why? Does this have something to do with fact that the princess not being able to conceive?

Several things were going through Archie's mind.

"Well... Your Imperial Highness... I think the most important thing now is to let Her Highness Dylan take rest," Lizha said, trying to convince Archie to leave Dylan's room.

Archie frowned slightly.

She really wants to get me out of here, thought Archie.

Archie walked to an armchair and sat down with his legs apart and his arms crossed.

Lizha swallowed hard and started to panic.

"Your Highness---"

Archie interrupted her, "I'm her husband. I'll stay here until the doctor arrives," Archie said calmly.


The panic completely invaded Lizha's body and she looked at Dylan.

Archie glanced sideways at Lizha.

—— locked chapter ——
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