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Chapter 3 Falling Apart

Word Count: 2737    |    Released on: 18/08/2021

he Empire. Focus on wash yourself and resting. After all, later th

ued to look o

ed the wing of the

you later,"

ft where the royal escor

d a hallway where there were numerous doors, went to one of them and stopped in front of it.

ntal four-poster bed, half open by curtains. The top of the bed was decorated with

of braies and a linen shirt. One green tunic and on

and saw that bath wa

meone knock

Highness! It'


and a boy in his

ed, "I had been ordained to serve You

your h

his head as Arc

ou are grew up w

your imperial high

Archie walked over t

close and

on the boys lap. The boy removed t

s away and he hadnt even noticed that

ighness..." the

Ah! You've already taken off my b

," the b

helped him remove his clothes. When the clothes were finally r

Archie was wearing, went towards the

. Do you have

oo young to have one..." th

ie was looking

hie to wear his underwear, that was the pair of braies and

ooked at the clothes set aside for the b


of Archie's bedchambe

few seconds and then knocked the d


ked around and saw Archie sleeping. He we

up..." Ian shoo

Archie t

ill begin..." Ian conti

e woke up and

rchie look

p and get dressed. T

and passed his

..." Archi

Ian started to grab Archi

from the bed and I

is Be

u forgotten? The two years you were out of the Empire made you forge

be from the bed and t

and looked hi

k very h

." Archie sa

m and handed him a

his boots, tied t

with his hands, "Shall w


dchamber, went downstairs and

room, walked through the doo

ial Highness Archie Seaford and his es

Ian reached the r

h b

give us for our lateness to

t," the emperor po

pulled out a ch

he emperor pointed out

led out his cha

emperor clapp

al dancers came in a

e escort of the emperor's first son, Ian, the empress's

stepbrother, and on the right side Archie, future owner

em were the da

re the Empress and her attendants were,

ns of water for each person present

to take rest?" asked Daniel

hands, "That is wh

rested well," Dani

nk so

ave you been doing?" Daniel raised

her, I visited a lot

trengthen relationships with the

is father talking about," he was ta

a while you're going to stop playing with

me any of this," A


as good, otherwise you would no

s this all about anyway?" He too

ied in three months..." Daniel bro

ng to say I'm opposed, after all it had been already decided

ned in a

y the Princess

ft the water glass

oked at the

t think I heard perfectly..

nd I decided to make peace, and for that it would


" Daniel c

d him and con

perial Highness! Please allow me


xcuse me," he

hall and saw Archie stridin

walked quickly

ed to his bedchamber, and entered.

entered Archie's be

not you tell me? Why did not you tell me I have

orry Archie..." Ian

m with his hand,

not tell you because I knew yo

does he want me to marry the enemy is

y the princess... Look Archie, this marriage is just a d

rchie look

t is

ow, "I know what I'm going to

g... Do not tell me you're going to

ed pacing, "I'm going to marr

, "Will not

ject will my fat

ook hi

g to break her up, I'm going to make he

u were never


ther is choices... Worse... I d

ry Archie Seaford. There's no woman who does not fall for my charms...


bedchamber, "Are you c

r and went with Archie

d. Archie walked to the

after talking to Ian I realized I was wrong an


Archie pulled out

ed and

t back to

or the people of Greavaria,

stand fa

f Greavaria, tomorrow you are going

," Archie l


ighness princess Dylan..." said T

Lizha were

." Theodore ente

lan and tried to tou

up and to

logize, your

let go of his ar

touching your hig

ou wake me up?" Dy

the realm of Greav

around. He saw a totall

around, the castle was surrounded by water. The wate

tiful, h

the gate wer


nd saw Lizha step o

ived?" Lizha ran her

Dylan ans

around, total

"We've reached Greav


was black and it was tied back. She wore a long black dress that covered her entire

eavaria your highness. I am Lei

lift you

"Your majesty is waiting fo

nk y

me," the woman

Lizha went

opened and

through a corridor, the sides of

and arrived at

s, a little above some medieval ar

them was a

Montgomery, Princess of Greavaria and her

zha and L


head and got clos

gold strips, a black tunic, could be seen that he was wearing a linen shirt inside, he

stared a

ful and graceful. Just like yo


nted you to rest, but the celebratory feast is

her," Dy

signaling the entran

nd left with L

w me your quarte

," Dyla


stomach when we walked into that

... But I believe it's also

ot take real etiquet

return to the kingdom, so I a

they arrived in a c

e bedchamber reserved for

n no

or your companion," Leila po

two girls

e two girls, "Dorothy will be your Highness's servant

is Lizha,"

me earlier, I did not mean to be rude,

d any servants. Lizha will serve me

ared, if you need anything you can talk to Dorothy or Hann

n no

me," Lei

ded and L

are her highness's bath, w

ylan," the

ntered the room.

and in front of it three chairs, on the opposite side was a

bedchamber li

re," Dylan looked at the bed and saw an outfit on i



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