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Chapter 23 Lets Cooperate
Word Count: 2033    |    Released on: 02/10/2021

Lizha entered Dylan's room.

"Dylan... Wake up..."

Lizha started looking around.

"What is this smell?" Lizha quickly ran a hand over her nostrils.

"What a strong smell!"

Lizha went to the windows and opened it.

"Dylan… wake up…" she said, still opening the windows.

"Mmmm… close those windows… I'm still not okay," Dylan muttered as he snuggled between the blankets.

"You can complain... but what about getting up?"

"Close the windows..."

Lizha ignored him and went to the foot of his bed.

"You still can't get the time?" Lizha crossed her arms and glared at him.

Dylan turned and pulled back the covers.

Lizha looked around smelling the sweet scent that permeated Dylan's room.

"What is this smell that permeates this room?"

Dylan continued to sleep.

Lizha grimaced, still looking at him.

She moved closer to his bed and pulled the blanket.

"Huh!" Lizha was amazed seeing Dylan naked, "Why the hell are you undressed?"

Dylan pulled back the blanket and covered himself.

"I saw something strange in your body..."

Lizha walked over, reached down to the bed level, and pulled Dylan's blanket a little.

"What is that?" Lizha saw the hickeys around Dylan's neck, "DID THAT MANIAC HIT YOU?"

Dylan remained silent, under his blanket.

"I'm going to finish him…" said Lizha, heading towards the door.

Dylan lowered the blanket, watching Lizha walk, "Where are you going?"

"I'll say a good one to that son of the Emperor..." she said, already opening the door.

"Lizha... no one hit me..."

Lizha turned and looked at Dylan in a confused way.

"What?" she asked.

Dylan sat up, letting the blanket fall to his waist "Ouch..."

My ass is sore, he thought.

"You say he didn't hit you... but it looks like you're in pain..."

—— locked chapter ——
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