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Chapter 7 Visit to Greavaria: Part IV

Word Count: 2132    |    Released on: 31/08/2021

Dylan and Archie remained silent.

"Well... I'll help the knights to release the horses we're going to use," he said getting up.

"Oh alright," Dylan forced a smile.

Finally Archie got out of the carriage.

Dylan watched Archie close the door.

Dylan rested a hand on his chest and relaxed against the seat.

"I'm almost discovered... It was close..."

He peeked out the carriage window and saw Archie, there, preparing one of the horses.

After five minutes the carriage door opened and it was one of the knights.

"Your highness, your horse is ready," the knight bowed.

"Thank you" Dylan said getting up.

Dylan got out of the carriage and followed the knight, both were walking towards two horses. It was where Archie was.

His eyes met and they both looked away.

"Here is your horse, your highness," said the knight, pointing out a brown horse.

"Thank you," Dylan approached the horse, wanting to climb onto it.

"Let me help you," Archie said, stepping closer.

Not that I needed to, but I'll accept it just for courtesy, Dylan thought, seeing Archie approach.

Archie held is hand and Dylan took it.

Dylan climbed onto the horse with his help, "Thank you," he forced a smile.

"Your welcome, Dylan," Archie forced a smile as well.

Archie walked over to the other horse and climbed onto it.

"Shall we go?"

Dylan nodded.

Their horses started walking.

In front of them were two knights, and behind them two others.

They walked slowly.

"I didn't think you knew how to ride a horse," Archie said, trying to break the tense atmosphere between them.

"Well... It's natural to think so. After all, all you know is that I lived in a convent for a long time. The truth is that even in the convent I had to have my education, as a member of royalty. After all, one day I would have to return to the kingdom."

"I see. You really surprise me."

—— locked chapter ——
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