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Chapter 30 Visit to Altermor: Part V
Word Count: 2028    |    Released on: 09/10/2021

Dylan and Archie walked towards the carriage being accompanied by a couple.

The couple stopped in front of the carriage and turned around.

The man was an almost old and dressed in a nobleman's clothes and the woman beside him was quite beautiful despite her age and she wore a modest red dress.

"We are immensely grateful for having given us the opportunity to serve your Imperial Highness and his wife during this short time," the Duke of Moncher bowed.

The woman beside him bowed too.

Archie nodded, "I am grateful for your hospitality and above all for your loyalty to the empire," he said.

"I'm sorry that we were the ones to dismiss your highnesses this morning... After all, the custom is that the person who received must be the same to say goodbye... Unfortunately our daughter Olivia was not feeling well this morning, so that's the reason she cannot serve your highnesses."

"I understand very well and respect... There is no problem."

"Thank you so much once again Your Imperial Highness. I hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you more and more often," he bowed again.

Archie nodded.

"Please... have a safe trip..." the noble lord pointed to the carriage's door.

Archie nodded and was already walking away, to let Dylan pass.

Dylan took a step forward and climbed into the carriage with Archie's help.

Then Archie climbed into the carriage and the door closed.

The carriage began to move.

Archie lifted his hand and began waving gracefully out the window at his hosts.

After a few seconds Archie finally dropped his hand and sighed, looking away to the opposite side, where Dylan was.

"Finally we got out of there..." he said.

—— locked chapter ——
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