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Chapter 4 Visit to Greavaria

Word Count: 2084    |    Released on: 18/08/2021

to Dylan, "Let

p and began


thes with Lizha's help and

athtub and relaxe

e your clothes, I'

and began to

so beautiful," Lizha picked

taken was a long-sl

n on the bed and pick

d taken was a gr

princess must be

an called he

dropped the robe on the b

r own?" Lizha bent down

e with me for..." Dy

will change when you

n't stop bein

those noble men's clothes... Do you have

ightly, "I don't

ylan took his bath

zha helped him to

he underwear and

got dr

and handed it to Dy


ow your number. Do you want me

and looked himse

's the last dress I

get the shoes on," Lizha reached f

izha bent down an

wn with a smile on her face, "do you

get ready... I'll

tood up, "I'll

ded and L

ot up, heading tow

e, placed it on the

took out a letter a

ly returned to the kingdom. Tod

utes someone ent

ack and saw Li

" Dylan


cream silk dress. Her hair was d

l..." Dylan looked

you! Your highness l

ll w

izha bow

d walking to

eld in his hand, "Is this th

tucked the lett

chamber and Lizha

re were the servant

and Hann

your highness Dya

eft for the Great Hall acc

of the entrance, the hera

Great Hall and

front of the two. At the table to the left were women and men in the opposite ta

he royal table ther

se your highness, accompany me. Dorothy


o walk and Dyla

him to the

inted out the chai

out Dylan's chair

nd saw Lizha sitting

nd raised his hand

ry. As you all know, before my late wife, Queen Magdaleena Montgomery die, she asked me to allow my daughter to live in a convent for he

ylan!" said the gue

n go

!" he crac

down and

eople arou

o the royal table and pla

the kingdom after eighteen years may seem a little

r. I will.

e a visit from Promor," A

romor? It's not the Empire tha

that whoever comes to visit u

e visit alluding to

s, but not c

tell m

is a condition for the wa

d him sus

ry the first son of t

the spoon on

But I didn't qu

arranged marriaged for peace is something normal. And for peace between Greavaria and Pro

ther..." Dylan f

rst son will come to pay us a courtesy

ortunately I'm not f

t's a bit of a hard novelty

r," Dylan got

eat Hall wavin

p and went

took long strid

idn't r

catch up with Dylan, "what

ding towards

Lizha stopped outs

Dylan sat

d the door, "What happene

up and sta

o me," Lizha go

"I'm going to hav

What are you t

re was something behind this all... But I didn't th

he. And say coh

e fireside and s

sealed through a marriage between myself a

"So you couldn't tell

"No... I actually don'

"The best solution is to take a night's

ave time f

you talk

n will pay a court


ng to stay a few day

. We'll find a soluti

d and kisse


ylan's room and hea

asin of water in h

Lizha sho

ered and t

! Looks like your


llen and pale. His h

slept like this?" aske


water, "You are the princess of Greavaria, but life is not

that?" Dylan put hi

dying your wee

Dylan wash

ss, then go feed the homeless and then you

ands gently, "I m

ck on the table and he

rom the bed an

s?" Lizha held up a lo

has a cleavage. See something that covers my en

a held up a black dress

looked to the dress up

the dress on the

robe, took out an underwe

ar from the bed and began t

ummaged throug

mirror, "I thought yesterday's dress wo

s," Lizha handed hi

he gloves an

ced the robe over Dylan

meone knock

zha stared a

!" Dylan

opened and

for the intrusion. But I have come to announce

" Dyla


.. Let's do someth

wn and Lizha

raided and had som

him and then dropped h


goes the royalty and nobles. So I won't be able to accompany you," Lizha

o the chapel? I don't

side. She will


e each other all mornin

d over Lizha's face,

w g

"Yes..." he walked

had his prayers alongside his fath

feed the homeless and then ha

he rest of the morning in the throne room watching h

, a messenger entered and exchanged some im

ning affairs we'll

present bow

departure the herald

mor Emperor's first son, Archie S

is head high

through the throne room door

d Ian's

rchie just stood the



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