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Chapter 4 Visit to Greavaria
Words Count: 2084    |    Released on:18/08/2021

Lizha got close to Dylan, "Let's... undress."

Dylan got up and began to undress.

Lizha helped him.

Dylan took off all his clothes with Lizha's help and then went to the bathtub.

He got into the bathtub and relaxed against the wall.

"I'll just organize your clothes, I'll be right back."

Dylan nodded and began to wash himself.

"This outfit on your bed is so beautiful," Lizha picked up the outfit and held it up.

The outfit she had taken was a long-sleeved burgundy dress.

She put the dress down on the bed and picked up another garment.

The piece she had taken was a green colored robe.

"Wow... Being a princess must be really good..."

"Lizha!" Dylan called her impatiently.

"Ah... Sorry Dylan," Lizha dropped the robe on the bed and went towards Dylan.

"Can't you bathe on your own?" Lizha bent down and began to wash him.

"That's what you came with me for..." Dylan chuckled lightly.

"Probably everything will change when you reveal your identity."

"Well, you won't stop being my friend."

"I really want to know how you'll look in those noble men's clothes... Do you have a crown? And will you wear the same one?"

Dylan chuckled slightly, "I don't know what to say."

After 30 minutes Dylan took his bath with Lizha's help.

After leaving, Lizha helped him to puff up his body.

Lizha picked up the underwear and handed it to Dylan.

Dylan got dressed.

Lizha took the dress and handed it to Dylan, he got dressed.

"That tightens.

"It's normal, they shouldn't know your number. Do you want me to talk to Leila to change it?"

Dylan turned away and looked himself in the mirror.

"It's alright... It's the last dress I'll wear in my life."

"Fine," Dylan crouched down, "let's get the shoes on," Lizha reached for a pair of shoes in the suitcase.

Dylan sat down, Lizha bent down and put on his shoes.

"Ready," Lizha looked at him up to down with a smile on her face, "do you want me to put something in your hair?"

Dylan sighed, "Go get ready... I'll do something to it."

"Okay," Lizha stood up, "I'll try to be quick."

Dylan nodded and Lizha left.

Dylan sighed and got up, heading towards his suitcase.

He took the suitcase, placed it on the bed and opened it.

From inside it, he took out a letter and looked around it.

"Mother and nanny, I have finally returned to the kingdom. Today I will reveal my identity..."

After thirty minutes someone entered Dylan's room.

Dylan turned back and saw Lizha getting in.

"Lizha?" Dylan frowned.

Lizha cracked a smile.

Lizha was wearing a long-sleeved, cream silk dress. Her hair was down and had a few frills around it.

"You look beautiful..." Dylan looked at her up to down.

Lizha bowed, "Thank you! Your highness looks stunning too..."

"Shall we go?"

"Yes," Lizha bowed again.

Dylan started walking towards Lizha.

Lizha saw the letter Dylan held in his hand, "Is this the letter your nanny left you?"

"Exactly!" Dylan tucked the letter up his sleeve.

Both left the bedchamber and Lizha closed the door.

When they left, there were the servants presented by Leila.

Dorothy and Hannah bowed.

"We will accompany your highness Dyaln and Lady Lizha."

Dylan nodded and the two left for the Great Hall accompanied by their servants.

When they reached the foot of the entrance, the herald announced their entrance.

Both entered the Great Hall and everyone stood up.

In the Great Hall, there were three tables, two tables in parallel and a table in front of the two. At the table to the left were women and men in the opposite table. At the front table sat the king, there was only one chair on the right side.

In the corners of the royal table there were the musicians.

Leila got close to them and bowed, "Please your highness, accompany me. Dorothy will accompany lady Dylan to her table."

"All right."

Leila started to walk and Dylan followed her.

Leila took him to the royal table.

"Please," Leila pointed out the chair beside the king.

A servant pulled out Dylan's chair and he sat down.

Dylan looked around and saw Lizha sitting at the women's table.

The king stood up and raised his hand asking for silence.

"Greetings, ladies and lords. It is with great honor that I announce the return of my daughter and princess of Greavaria, Dylan Montgomery. As you all know, before my late wife, Queen Magdaleena Montgomery die, she asked me to allow my daughter to live in a convent for her protection , due to war. And finally, after 18 years away from the kingdom she has returned. Please my people, welcome your princess."

"Welcome princess Dylan!" said the guests simultaneously.

Dylan got up,

"Thank you!" he cracked a smile.

Arthur sat down and then Dylan.

Then the people around sat down.

Some servants got close to the royal table and placed trays of food over it.

"Dylan my dear daughter, I know that returning to the kingdom after eighteen years may seem a little uncomfortable. But I hope you can adapt quickly."

"Yes father. I will. Thank you."

"Well, tomorrow we'll have a visit from Promor," Arthur served a roasted ham.

Dylan looked at his father, "Promor? It's not the Empire that was at war with the kingdom."

Arthur nodded, "The truth is that whoever comes to visit us is the Emperor's first son."

"I see father. Is the visit alluding to the end of the war?"

"Actually yes, but not completely..."

"Please tell me dad."

"Well, the truth is, there is a condition for the war to end once and for all."

Dylan eyed him suspiciously.

"You will have to marry the first son of the Emperor of Promo."

Dylan dropped the spoon onto the plate.

"Sorry father... But I didn't quite understand..."

"It's like Dylan, it may be new to you... But you'll get used to it. For us the royalty, arranged marriaged for peace is something normal. And for peace between Greavaria and Promor it was decided that a marriage between you and the Emperor's first son have to happen."

"I understand father..." Dylan felt ill at ease.

"As I said... Tomorrow the Emperor's first son will come to pay us a courtesy visit. He will probably stay a few days."

"I see father... Unfortunately I'm not feeling very well..."

"I understand my daughter. It's a bit of a hard novelty to accept it. Take your time."

"Thanks father," Dylan got up and bowed.

He left the Great Hall waving to the nobles.

Lizha got up and went after Dylan.

"Dylan..." Lizha took long strides behind Dylan.

Dylan didn't respond.

"Dylan..." Lizha managed to catch up with Dylan, "what happened? I know that face."

Dylan was heading towards his bedchamber.

Dylan walked in and Lizha stopped outside the compartment.

"Come in," Dylan sat on the bed.

Lizha walked in and closed the door, "What happened? I know you very well..."

Dylan got up and started pacing.

" to me," Lizha got close to him.

Dylan turned back, "I'm going to have to get married..."

"Get married? What are you talking about?"

"I knew..." Dylan started pacing again, "I knew there was something behind this all... But I didn't think that was it..." he ran a hand through his hair.

"Dylan... Breathe. And say coherent things..."

Dylan went to the fireside and sat in an armchair.

"Peace between Greavaria and Promor must be sealed through a marriage between myself and the first son of the Emperor of Promotor."

Lizha got close to him, "So you couldn't tell the king you're a man..."

Dylan shook his head, "No... I actually don't even know what to do."

Lizha began to massage Dylan's shoulders, "The best solution is to take a night's rest. Tomorrow we'll think of something."

"I won't have time for this..."

"What are you talking about?"

"That Emperor's son will pay a courtesy visit tomorrow."


"Looks like he's going to stay a few days here in Greavaria."

"I understand Dylan... We'll find a solution. Let's take rest."

Dylan smiled and kissed her hand.


Lizha walked into Dylan's room and headed towards his bed.

Lizha placed the basin of water in her hands on a table.

"Dylan..." Lizha shook his body.

Dylan muttered and turned away.

"Dylan... Wake up! Looks like your day will be long."

Finally Dylan got up.

His face was all swollen and pale. His hair was all messed up.

"Wow... Have you always slept like this?" asked Lizha in a funny way.

Dylan stretched.

Lizha walked over to the table and picked up the basin of water, "You are the princess of Greavaria, but life is not much different from the convent," Lizha got close to Dylan.

"What do you mean by that?" Dylan put his hands in the basin.

"I've been studying your weekly program..."

"Hmmm..." Dylan washed his face.

"You have to go to the chapel to attend mass, then go feed the homeless and then you will have the breakfast with your father."

Dylan washed his hands gently, "I m done," Dylan said.

Lizha put the basin back on the table and headed for the wardrobe.

Dylan got up from the bed and looked around.

"Do you like this dress?" Lizha held up a long-sleeved gold dress.

Dylan frowned, "I don't have a chest. This dress has a cleavage. See something that covers my entire body," Dylan began to remove his nightwear.

"What about this?" Lizha held up a black dress that covered the neck.

Dylan turned back and looked to the dress up to down, "That's good."

"Fine," Lizha laid the dress on the bed, "here it is."

She went back to the wardrobe, took out an underwear and laid it on the bed.

Dylan picked up the underwear from the bed and began to put it on, "See me gloves."

"Yes," Lizha rummaged through the wardrobe.

Dylan put on the dress and walked to the mirror, "I thought yesterday's dress would be the last one I was going to wear."

"Here are the gloves," Lizha handed him a pair of gloves.

Dylan took the gloves and put them on.

"The robe..." Lizha placed the robe over Dylan's shoulders and tied it.

Suddenly someone knocked the door.

Dylan and Lizha stared at each other.

"Come in!" Dylan ordered.

The door was opened and Leila entered.

Leila bowed, "Good morning your highness! Sorry for the intrusion. But I have come to announce that the prayer will begin in fifteen minutes."

"Okay," Dylan said.

"With your permission," Leila left.

"Did you hear her... Let's do something with the hair."

Dylan sat down and Lizha did his hair.

Dylan's hair was braided and had some frills around it.

Lizha moved away from him and then dropped his shoes on the floor.

Dylan put it on.

"You're ready now. Unfortunately I've been told that to the prayer only goes the royalty and nobles. So I won't be able to accompany you," Lizha smiled, "besides, I have to clean your bedchamber," she looked around .

"So who will take me to the chapel? I don't even know where it is."

"Dorothy is outside. She will take you there."


"I don't think we'll see each other all morning," Lizha forced a smile.

Dylan rubbed his hand over Lizha's face, "I'll be back soon."

"Now go..."

Dylan looked around, "Yes..." he walked out of the bedchamber.

Dylan went to the chapel where he had his prayers alongside his father and other people of the nobility.

The morning passed, he went to feed the homeless and then had his breakfast with his father.

After his morning duties as the princess, he spent the rest of the morning in the throne room watching his father's decision-making regarding kingdom affairs.

During the session of the people's concerns, a messenger entered and exchanged some impressions in private with the king and left.

"Please, the remaining affairs we'll discuss tomorrow."

The people present bowed and left.

Shortly after their departure the herald made an announcement.

"We announce the entry of the Promor Emperor's first son, Archie Seaford and his escort Ian Morris."

Dylan held his head higher and firmer.

Finally, the visitor walked through the throne room door and got close to the throne.

Dylan and Ian's eyes met.

Ian knelt down and Archie just stood there looking at Dylan.

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