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Chapter 6 Visit to Greavaria: Part III

Word Count: 2007    |    Released on: 26/08/2021

"You're welcome," Archie forced a smile.

Dylan stood up, "If your Imperial Highness allow me, I will go to bed."

Archie stood up and bowed, "Thank you so much for your company, your highness."

"Have a good night," Dylan cracked a smile.

"Thank you very much. I wish you a good rest."


Dylan left.

Archie raised his head as he watched him disappear.

"Nut!" he sat down.

Dylan returned to the castle and headed towards his Bedchamber.

He walked in and closed the door.

"Dylan!" Lizha was putting some clothes in the closet.

Dylan threw himself into an armchair.

"How was your day?" asked Lizha.


"I couldn't go to the banquet anymore..."

"I get it..."

"So… we didn't have time to talk… Did you manage to think of something?" Lizha kept a cloak in her closet.

"Not yet... But I'm marrying him...for now..."

Lizha stared at him, "Really...? You're a man... And so is he... How are you going to do when it's time to consummate?"

Dylan sighed, "I just talked to him... I made him understands that none of us want to consummate this marriage and he took it well..."

Lizha frowned, "Okay."

"I need sleep," Dylan got up and began to undress, "give me a sleepwear, please."

"Don't you need help getting undressed?" Lizha was taking some clothes out of the closet.

"Of course not... It's not because you're my escort that you have to help me with everything."

"Here you go," Lizha handed him a nightwear.

Dylan received, "Thank you."

He wore the the clothe.

"I need to sleep…" he yawned.

"You'll have a long day tomorrow..." Lizha was making the bed.

"More long than this one?"

—— locked chapter ——
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