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Chapter 27 Visit to Altermor: Part II
Word Count: 2166    |    Released on: 06/10/2021

Archie looked away.

"Please… follow me…" said Olivia.

Archie nodded.

Then Olivia started walking, and the Seanfords followed.

Archie let out a slight hiss of irritation.

Dylan looked at him, still curious.

The three walked.

"Unfortunately here in the Moncher mansion the women's rooms are in a separate building parallel to the men's room building... even the spouses..." Olivia emphasized the last sentence.

Dylan didn't question it, as even in Greavaria it was like that.

Archie frowned, noticing the emphasis on the last sentence said by Olivia. After all, she had plans to sleep with him that night.

Both entered the mansion, coming face to face with the great hall.

"I will introduce you to the buildings... They are the rooms reserved for our visits, including members of the royalty..." said Olivia as she walked, "after your highnesses have settled, I will direct your personal escorts to yours rooms."

Archie remained silent.

Both passed the great hall heading towards the back of the building, where there was another door.

They went through the door and were already out.

As they left, they saw two parallel buildings. Both buildings were connected by some kind of bridge.

Olivia stopped and then the Seanfords.

"Please Your Imperial Highness Archie Seanford wait here... I will take Her Highness Dylan to her chamber."

Archie nodded.

"Please… follow me," Olivia cracked a smile.

Dylan nodded.

Olivia started walking again and Dylan followed her, heading toward the building on the left, the women's booth.

Archie watched them go.

Olivia turned slightly and winked, with a smirk on her face.

Olivia made it clear with the blink of the eye that in that night she was determined to bed him.

Dylan and Olivia entered the building and went upstairs.

"This is your highness's reserved room," she opened a door.

"Thanks," Dylan was already walking into the room.

—— locked chapter ——
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