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Chapter 21 Winter is Festivl: Part IV

Word Count: 2468    |    Released on: 30/09/2021

Someone knocked Dylan's bedchamber's door.

"I m coming!"

Lizha got up and walked towards the door.

She opened the door, "Yes…" she said casually, "Bentley…"

Dylan turned and looked at the door.


Lizha turned and looked at Dylan.

"Your Highness. Your Imperial Highness's escort says he has a message..."

Dylan frowned and then nodded.

Lizha opened the door a little wider so Bentley could leave the message directly to Dylan.

Bentley bowed, "Good evening, Your Highness! I have a message from Your Imperial Highness..."

"I'm all ears..."

Bentley lifted his head.

"His Imperial Highness has sent me to inform that he is waiting for you in his solar..."

Dylan's eyes widened.

He's waiting for me… Dylan thought, totally confused.

"Your Highness..." Lizha caught his eye.

"Huh! Yes... I'll be right there..." Dylan said, already standing up.

"Thank you! I'll get deliver the answer..."

Bentley bowed and then left.

Lizha stood there by the door watching Bentley leave.

"He's so cute..." she said, all silly.

Dylan frowned, "Really?" he said moving towards the mirror.

"Yeah..." Lizha closed the door, "what would your Imperial Highness want to talk to you about?" asked Lizha, walking towards Dylan.

"I don't know... He must want to propose something to me... Since the empress has come to see how I am... I believe the royalty does not know the truth yet... That's why I believe he wants to propose something to me."

"I understand..."

Lizha quickly smoothed Dylan's hair.

"It's done? Archie is waiting for me..."

"Come on... he already knows you're a man, it's not like he's going to see you again as a woman..."

Dylan sighed and went to the door.

"Bye... nice dinner..."

Dylan opened the door and left.

"Wish me luck..." Dylan raised his fist.

Lizha cracked a smile and waved.

Dylan closed the door and headed for the stairs, going towards Archie's solar.

He went up the stairs and as usual there were two knights there guarding his husband's solar.

The guards backed away and Dylan opened the door, already entering.

He swallowed hard as he saw Archie sitting down and totally relaxed against the chair.

—— locked chapter ——
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