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Chapter 40 Mayrefall′s Ball: Part II

Word Count: 2023    |    Released on: 20/10/2021

Dylan and Archie parted, Dylan went to join the line of women, and Archie went to the line of men standing opposite from each other at a distance of about eight steps.

Finally the trumpet blew announcing the beginning of the dance.

Then the musicians started to play.

The music was a mixture of violin, piano and flute sounds.

Dylan grabbed each side of his dress and Archie put his right fist on his chest and the other arm behind his waist.

Finally they started dancing like the other couples.

Dylan and Archie took short steps towards each other with the sounds of music. After four steps they turned and came back to face each other. They continued with short steps towards each other. When they finally reached each other, they both rose and touched the opposite hands and began to rotate still facing each other, then they switched hands and rotated to the opposite side.

They pulled away from each other and began to turn back and forth.

They went back to facing each other, swaying their bodies from side to side.

"Don't let me fall..." Dylan said without taking his voice, still shaking his body.

Archie cracked a smile.

Dylan suddenly ran toward Archie.

Archie caught him around the waist and lifted him, twirling with him.

Archie put Dylan back down and they started dancing hand in hand.

"I thought you couldn't dance…" Archie said.

Dylan chuckled slightly.

Archie spun him around and they went back dancing together.

"I thought you were going to drop me..."

"Sometimes I forget you're a man... and I almost forgot that you are heavy..."

Dylan chuckled slightly.

Both continued to dance, increasing their pace and rhythm.

"Looks like we're going to switch partners," Archie said, looking around.


—— locked chapter ——
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