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Chapter 24 Another Night of Lust
Word Count: 2006    |    Released on: 03/10/2021

When night comes, the empress takes Lizha to her... Who will serve me? Dorothy and Hannah don't know my secret, thought Dylan, combing his hair, ready to go to sleep.

The door was opened.

"Lizha!" said Dylan excitedly, "I thought you weren't coming..." he looked in the mirror and saw his husband locking the door, "Archie what are you doing here?" he turned and saw Archie already walking towards him.

Archie wore a long morning linen shirt, brown pants, and a pair of black boots.

"What do you think I would want here in your bedchamber?"

Dylan frowned.

He can't be serious, Dylan thought, still watching Archie getting close.

Archie held up the oil pot and smirked.

Dylan stood up, "No… it won't happen today…" Dylan started walking, trying to get away from Archie.

Archie took him by the arm and pulled him so that Dylan had his back to him.

Archie hugged him and started sniffing Dylan's neck.

"I said cooperate…" Archie whispered, in Dylan's ear.

Dylan bristled, "This isn't going to work..." he said.

Archie started kissing Dylan's shoulder.

"If yesterday worked… today will work too…" he said, still kissing around Dylan's neck.

Dylan squirmed trying to get away from Archie.

"This hair is bothering..."

He grabbed Dylan's hair and pulled it off his back, putting it on the front.

He continued to stuff hickeys around Dylan's neck.

Dylan bit his lower lip, trying not to moan.

That's not good…, thought Dylan.

Archie turned Dylan, the two of them was facing eachother.

Dylan looked away.

Archie grabbed Dylan by the back of his head, gently tugging on his hair.

"Look at me…" Archie lifted Dylan's head.

"What?" Dylan glared at him.

Archie started kissing Dylan's lips.

—— locked chapter ——
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