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Chapter 13 Wedding Preparations: Part II

Word Count: 1975    |    Released on: 20/09/2021

Ian looked away, "Nothing..."

Archie stared at him, “How come nothing? You're hiding something from me. Isn't it?"

Ian sighed, “Come with me,” he started to walk towards the tent reserved for Archie.

Archie went after him.

Ian walked in and then Archie.

"So what is it?"

Ian turned away with a hand on his head.

"Bentley told me something this morning, just at the same time you guys were going to hand out food to the homeless."

Archie frowned, “What did he say? It's something to do with the princess, isn't it?”

Ian sighed and looked away.

"Speak up!"

"He said that rumors about the princess are circulating among the servants..."

“And what rumors? You're talking around and around.”

"One of the servants found the princess sleeping with her escort."

Archie frowned, "And?"

"AND?" Ian made an unbelievable face, "how come and?"

Achie sat in an armchair and ran a hand over his face.

“Hell! I thought it was something serious."

"And it's not? Is there anything worse than your future bride having a deviant sexual orientation?"

“What deviant sexual orientation what? They're best friends… You don't really like the princess!”

“Archie! Believe me... There's something wrong with that woman..."

Archie looked away and said nothing.

Ian stared at him.

"Wait a minute… there is really something wrong with the princess, right?"

Archie got up and started pacing, rubbing his head.

“Look, I really don't believe what you're saying… but I agree that she has something wrong… Man… There's no woman who resists my charms… but that woman… that woman… makes me feel less of a man…"

"That's exactly what I'm telling you, you can't make her fall in love with you because she likes women..."

—— locked chapter ——
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