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Under Secrets

Under Secrets

Author: Adam Carlos
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Chapter 1 The Begging

Word Count: 2640    |    Released on: 18/08/2021

d princesses, between the 13th and 14th centuries, there was a very prosp

risma, wisdom and mercy towards his

eat man there is a great woman, beside that great

prosperous, like any kin

om of Greavaria and the Empire of Promor and, that same year Qu

t because she did not know the sex of the child, she prefe

had given birth to a very strong and healthy child, but at the same ti

r as the prince, Queen Magdaleena made a request to the on

ide the fact that the child was a boy and to tell ev

king that the only request she had was that after four years, the child she had give

ort ac

d be Dylan, as she didn't want them to know he was a boy until the end of

r arms. Helena cried, but she did

Arthur Montgomery, who in turn accepte

are of the child hi

o live in the convent, far from the kingdom, far from the war and far from anything that could ha

th the love and affecti

in the convent and his nanny Helena always t

, Helena died but left Dylan with a letter that should be opened on the day he returned to the kingdom, the mom

four years later, th

urn to his realm and re

nt, nothing was linear as Magd




ng the rumors yet?" Liz

t ru

war between the kingdom of Gr

t fly...I heard it ye

here at the convent

ns had decreased a

meone knock

n!" sai

entered a gir

n saw the girl

, she said she needs you in

" Dyla


d it be?"

ated to the end of the wa

p and looke

oo bad I'm going to have to mess i

st-length blond hair, light brown eye

him a gown, cassock

the clothes a

ran her hand o

ll," Liz

what the headmistre

room towards

ing room, he kn

meone on the other

n di

an sitting in one of the chairs

Dylan got clos

" said the con

ian, middle-aged and

he lady indic

n di

om your father," the siste

got up a

ter Arthur Montgomery," th

e Arthur Montgomery, after all she hadn't h

Dylan receive

envelope and to

ard as he unfo

autiful in the grace of the gods like your mother. I send you this letter ordering you to return to the kingdom of Greavaria. Af

etter and put it b

ad to do with the end o

ust come to give

as ordered me to take you back to G

head. What'

lifted h

odore, Your

l be back,

an no

ss Dire

ur high

me Dylan like you did

ded, "how can

a requ

all e

take Lizha


end I've had since I've

I authorize you to

e care of me during all these years. When I return to t

your generosity Dylan,"


our hi

at the gates...let's

our hi

ctor's office and r

admistress call you?" Lizh

your t

continued to

mery," Dylan was ar

Lizha loo

y forever in this convent starving to death? The

t up all

the kingdom o

Pack your things," Dyl

about the

sing, "we are not going out dressed as

t Dylan up to


hey k

head, heading to

he only person I trust...I can't let another woma

e took of

was seeing his hair i

Lizha smooth

hing that is yours?"

I'm best friends with the princess of G

ghed, "L

heir bags and

convent. Maybe I'll meet a nobleman

The war is over, but it's not known what will happen

..." Lizha

both arrive

n! Li

Lizha tu

up of women go

e to say goodb

se on the floor and

s arms watching


back to see

. Theo

ed Dylan and

women threw hersel



ed a smile,

e you eat

l do

" Theodo

cked, right?" Dyla


hand throu

Sylvie, take care,"

" Lizha ran t

h got into the c

ngdom of Greavaria," Lizha

a book and

fter five hours of trav


stop?" she l

meone opene

hand it is getting late. If we keep walking, we will be targets of looters a

losed t

derstand. Let me

r to get the best r



and went to

ook Lizha's body,

What's wr

to take rest


d rubbed a hand

in Greavaria?"

order," Dylan looked around, "well...le


ady booked

case and hers then clim

me he

ver to Dylan and


out of the carriag

s a forest and the only habi

" Lizha c

saw Lizha trying to ge

and went to

" Dylan held

s hand and got ou

hey both fell. Lizha

ylan stare



d up and held her

s eyes and stoo


, shook out

he held L

d towards

they e


e were numerous tables around, a reception, on the left si

n got close, "P

t Theodore, Th

g and Dylan followed her

went up

in front of a doo

room," she pointe

ared carrying Dyla

Dylan pointed to

left the bags on t

the girl hande


, we can bring your din

"and where i

is one of the best rooms

ight," Dyl

y...I wi

n no


oo...I will leave.

n no

e was l


e turne


our dinner i

heodore bowed a

and Lizha en

losed t

eautiful!" Lizh

the bed and


a looked around, "but it w

gle beds next to each other, two cupboards on ea

shower," D

headed towards the bathtub, "should I

take a long time. I'm going


pared Dyl

et Dylan and beg

o the tub and

cold," Dylan

d Dylan and beg

our father ordered you to go back to

t to want their child back after the barr

ow are you

r the sides of the tub an

my father...I's been 18 years since I've seen him. I lived my childhood and adoles

the time comes you'l



up and lo

e? Is it my impre

zha still asleep. He got up

t I will

suitcase, got up, put on h

oise c

s sword at someone's neck and the other p



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