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Chapter 19 Winter is Festival: Part II

Word Count: 2013    |    Released on: 26/09/2021

Dylan and Lizha looked at each other simultaneously.

Archie took a step out of the doorway.

"So? Can any of you tell me what secret you've been keeping from me and from the empire?" he asked seriously.

Dylan swallowed hard.

"Lizha, can you leave me alone with his highness?"

"Yes your highness Dylan... Excuse me..." she bowed and quickly started walking towards the door.

Lizha gave Archie a curtsy and quickly left.

The door was closed.

Archie crossed his arms, "So… I'm all ears?" he glared at Dylan.

Dylan swallowed hard again and stood up.

"Well…" Dylan paused for a long time.

What am I going to tell him? It has to be something convincing..., he thought.

“Dylan…” Archie stared at him, “you like women? Isn't that right? I see the way you look at Lizha."

Dylan stared at him not knowing how to respond.

Not that he wasn't wrong, but imagine what he would do if he said yes.

"No… nothing like that…" he replied in horror.

"So talk..." Archie said impatiently.

"Actually… I can't conceive…" Dylan swallowed.

Archie pale and speechless.

"I'll never be able to give you kids…" Dylan added.

Archie continued to stand and stare at him.


Archie interrupted him.

"Don't say anything else... I get it..." he said, stopping Dylan with his hand, "that's not what I came to talk to you about today," Archie ran a hand over his head, "can we talk?" he asked looking around.

"Yes…" Dylan looked around.

"Right here?" Archie looked at him.

"Yes…" Dylan shrugged.

Archie looked around Dylan's room.

I had never been here before, he thought.

"Please have a seat..." Dylan pointed out an armchair.


Archie walked over to the armchair Dylan had pointed out and sat down.

—— locked chapter ——
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