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Chapter 17 The Wedding: Part II
Words Count: 2175    |    Released on:24/09/2021

Arthur Montgomery, the King of Greavaria rose.

And then Daniel Seanford, the Emperor of Promor, did the same.

"It is time for the bride and groom to leave! Let us pray that the union of our children will be a proof of loyalty between the Greavaria Kingdom and the Promor Empire!" announced Arthur.

Everyone clapped their hands.

Then Archie and Dylan rose and bowed their heads.

"Your blessing," both said simultaneously.

Arthur and Daniel placed their hands on their children's heads.

"God bless you!" said the parents simultaneously.

The bride and groom lifted their heads and each exchanged kisses with their in-laws.

Then they both took hands and started walking towards the exit of the great hall.

As they walked on the red carpet, guests clapped their hands and shouted a few phrases of celebration.

Both walked gracefully and waved to the guests, with a smile on their faces.

Finally they left the great hall and continued walking hand in hand towards the castle exit.

When they left the castle, there was the carriage they had used to return to the castle. But different from the morning period, there were four more carriages prepared. Two from the Greavaria realm ahead and another two from the Promor empire behind.

And there were also some knights already waiting for them, to escort the sides of their carriage.

They walked towards the bride and groom's carriage and entered.

Both sat on opposite sides and settled down.

The carriage door was closed.

After a few seconds the carriage began to move.

Both remained silent looking out the window.

"Do you want to talk about anything?" Archie asked, breaking the silence between them.

Dylan remained silent for a few seconds.

"I don't have anything to talk about..." Dylan finally replied.

"Life in Promor is not very different from life here in your kingdom..."

"I see… how long will it take us to get to Promor?"

—— locked chapter ——
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