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Chapter 5 Visit to Greavaria: Part II

Word Count: 2031    |    Released on: 21/08/2021

"Archie..." Ian called him in a low voice.

Archie snapped back to reality and noticed that royalty and nobility were looking at him.

He knelt down immediately, "I apologize for the rudeness. I was enchanted by the beauty of the Princess of Greavaria and I apologize once again for the rudeness again. I am Archie Seaford, the first son of the Emperor of Promor, I come on a courtesy visit to the kingdom. I bring with me some modest gifts such as pieces of gold, cotton cloth, velvet and silk. As well as dried meat, which is one of the best items in the empire. We will be in the kingdom for three days, please take care of me and my entourage ."

Ian looked at him sideways.

The king burst out laughing, Dylan looked at him sideways in astonishment.

Dylan's reaction was the same among the others inside the throne room.

"Get up Archie Seanford," said the king.

Archie did as the king ordered.

"You will be a great emperor in the future. You have what a ruler needs."

"Thank you your majesty," Archie bowed.

"You will have the best servants in the kingdom to serve you during the three days you intend to stay in the kingdom," he held up his hand.

Leila appeared and bowed.

"She is Leila the steward of the castle. She will show you your quarters and the kingdom.

"Thank you so much your majesty," Archie said.

"Take a good rest and bathe.There will be a feast alluding to your visit."

"Thank you your majesty."

Arthur pointed out the entrance of the throne room and then Archie and Ian left, following Leila.

"What was that?" asked Ian.

"Ahm…" Archie ran a hand through his hair, "you talk about my powers of persuasion? I'm good, aren't I?"

"What persuasive power what? You got there and took a while to get down on your knees.

Archie was suddenly serious, "Ahm... About that... The princess is the tavern's girl..."

"What? The lady you were drooling over her?"

Archie looked at him sideways, "What a drool? Anyway, it's her... We'll talk in private."

"All right."

Finally they reached the royal quarters and Leila stopped.

"These are the accommodations reserved for your Imperial Highness and his escort," Leila introduced two rooms.

Archie nodded.

"Your servants have been installed in the chambers for the servants of royalty."

"Fine. If it's not too much to ask I would ask you to call my personal servant Bentley."

Leila bowed, "Your wish is an order, Your Imperial Highness."

Archie nodded.

"Excuse me," Leila walked away.

Archie and Ian entered one of the bedchambers.

Ian looked around, "Wow..."

Archie sat in one of the armchairs.

"So this is the kingdom of Greavaria..." he looked around.

Ian sat in one of the armchairs in front of Archie.

"So Archie, tell me about the girl from the tavern... Or rather the princess of Greavaria."

Archie relaxed against the armchair, "I'm gaping too...I didn't think I could find her here... as a princess."

"Seeing you like that... You're going to change your mind, aren't you?"

Archie stared at him, "change my mind about what?"

"By making her pay for your mother's death..."

Archie stood up abruptly, "I stand by my position…I'm going to marry her, but I'm going to finish her emotionally."

"Archie... Archie... I can see you feel some charisma for her... I don't think she's guilty..."

"I don't care... I'll go with the plan."

"Be co---"

Someone slammed the door, "Excuse me your Imperial Highness, it's me Bentley."

"Come in!" ordered Archie.

Bentley finally walked in and closed the door.

"I present myself as Your Imperial Highness has ordered," Bentley bowed.


Ian stood up, "Well, see you at the feast."

Archie nodded and Ian walked away.

"Please prepare my bath."

"Yes, your Imperial."


Dylan walked into her bedchamber and closed the door.

Lizha turned back, "Dylan..."

Dylan saw Lizha arrange some clothes on her bed.

Dylan took off his cloak and sat in an armchair.

He relaxed against the armchair. "How was your day?" Lizha walked over and began to massage his shoulders.

"Tough day. I never thought playing a princess was like that."

"Imagine a prince?"

Dylan sighed.

"I heard that the Emperor's first son has arrived..."

Dylan laughed unbelievably.

"What is it?" Lizha peeked over Dylan's head.

"You won't believe..."

"If you don't tell me what it is I won't even imagine..."

"Remember that man who helped me drive out the marauders in that tavern?"

"Yes... what about him?"

Dylan sighed, "He is the Emperor's first son!"

"What?" Lizha stopped in front of Dylan.

"That's right..."


"And his escort is that man who took him away from the tavern."

"So he didn't get any woman pregnant..."

"I don't think so. He should be running away from this marriage too."

"About the wedding, have you thought about what you're going to do?"

Dylan closed his eyes and relaxed against the armchair, "I don't know what to do... This marriage is very important for both sides. I don't know what can happen to the kingdom if my identity comes out."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I don't know... Maybe I should marry the Emperor's son..."

"And then?"

"I going to fake a death or disappear, maybe..."

"Dylan... You mustn't be serious... After these 18 years of waiting... Are you going to do that? Wasn't it better to have faked death or run away before?"

"Before I didn't have to get married to make peace..."

Both sigh at the same time.

"In any case, the feast will start in two hours…" Dylan stood up, "help me get ready."


Dylan looked himself in the mirror.

He wore a red head souceress dress with long sleeves and gold details around the sleeves and chest.

"You're stunning Dylan."

"Thank you."

"I'll still getting ready. Dorothy and Hannah will escort you to the great hall."

"Okay Lizha."

Dylan left the room and outside were Hannah and Dorothy waiting for him.

"You will accompany me..."

They bowed and accompanied him.

As they went downstairs they ran into Archie, Ian and Bentley.

Archie's group bowed.

"Your highness," Archie greeted him with is head down, "your highness is dazzling."

"Thank you very much your Imperial Highness. After the banquet, would you like to have a few words with me?"

Archie didnt know how to respond.

"Your Imperial Highness..."

"I apologize Your Highness, this is the first time I have been invited to a beautiful maiden like Your Highness. Thank you and I do accept the invitation."

"Fine. When I go out, I'll ask one of my escorts to message you."

"I will look forward to the moment."

"All right."

"If you'll allow me, me and my escorts will go ahead. The royalty can't wait."

"All right."

Archie and his companions raised their heads and walked away.

Dylan arrived at the foot of the entrance to the great hall and waited for his father.

Finally Arthur Montgomery arrived accompanied by royal guards around him.

"Daughter!" Arthur cracked a smile.

"Father," Dylan bowed.

"Lets go in."

" I announce the entry of Arthur Montgomery, King of Greavaria and his daughter Dylan Montgomery, Princess of Greavaria," the herald made the announcement.

Then Arthur and Dylan entered the Great Hall.

Inside the great hall, there were numerous tables.

On the right, there was tables for the royal men, and on the left, there was tables for the royal women.

In front, there was the royal table, there was the empty king's chair and to its right another empty chair reserved for the princess, Dylan. Beside Dylan's chair was Archie and beside him Ian. On the other side of the king's chair was the archbishop and beside him the prime minister and three other men belonging to the royal council.

All the guests was standing up.

Arthur led the way and Dylan was on his right side three steps away from him.

Behind them both came Dylan's escorts and Arthur's personal escort.

Around them some royal guards.

When they came within ten feet of the throne table they dispersed and the royalty moved on.

Some servants approached and pulled out Dylan and Arthur's chairs.

"It is with great honor that I welcome you here in the Great Hall of the Palace. And with great honor that I welcome the first son of the Emperor of Promor, Archie Seanford," he pointed out Archie.

Archie bowed.

"Please take care of him as you have taken care of me. He will stay here in the kingdom for three days for a courtesy visit. Thank you!" Arthur sat down.

Everyone clapped their hands and sat down.

The feast began.


"Yes father,"

"It would be a good time to talk to your future husband."

Ian looked at his friend and Archie remained unruffled.

"Yes father. I'm thinking about going out with him after the banquet for a walk in the garden."

"Fine. But you will be camped out by the guards, at a safe distance."

"Yes father. Thank you."

Arthur ate the food.

Archie picked up a platter of meat, "Has your highness ever tasted our jerked mutton? It's very good."

"Not yet, Your Imperial Highness."

"Then please," Archie cut a strip of meat and served it on Dylan's plate.

Dylan cut a piece and took it to his mouth.

Archie just stood there looking at him.

Dylan chewed the meat, tasting it.

"It's really good…" he wiped his lips with a napkin.

"I'm flattered by your thanks."

"Can you join me?" Dylan cracked a smile.

"It will be a pleasure your highness."

"Excuse me, Father. Your Imperial Highness and I would like us to be absent."

"License granted."

"Thanks father," Dylan said.

Dylan and Archie got up, bowed, and left.

They left the great hall and four knights followed them.

"They're very protective..." Archie looked at the guards sideways.

"They want to keep me from being hurt by the enemy," Dylan said.

Archie chuckled slightly, "They mustn't know you handle swords super well..."


They walked slowly side by side from a meter apart.

"I didn't know the king of Greavaria had a daughter..."

"Well... I lived eighteen years outside the kingdom..."

"I understand."

Finally they both left the castle and headed towards the garden.

"Nice garden..." Archie looked around.

"Thank you. They say this garden belongs to my mother."

"I see. So where were you living for those eighteen years?"

"In a convent. Don't you want to sit down?" Dylan pointed out a bench.

"Thank you, your highness," Archie sat up.

Dylan sat down.

"I left the kingdom at the age of four and went to live in the convent. Due to the war."

"I also had a life like that, after my mother's death, when I was 16, I decided to travel the world..." he looked away.

"I'm sorry…well I didn't met my mother," Dylan forced a smile, "she died shortly after my birth."

"I am really sorry."

"Well I didn't come here to discuss our losses. I called you for another reason."

Archie stared at him, “What's that reason?

"Our wedding."

"What about our wedding?"

"I want to know what you think about it. If you are…" Dylan paused, "I saw when you were forced to leave the tavern… You were also going back to the empire, on due to the wedding isn't it?"

Archie relaxed against the bench, "Really, I was taken aback," he chuckled slightly, "even when I was in the tavern I still didn't know about it."

"I see. I understand that neither of us wants this marriage. But both sides are counting on it for the sake of peace. We don't need to consummate this marriage..."

Archie frowned.

"Or did you want it?" Dylan asked.

Is she rejecting me? Or is it just me? If I say I want to consummate the marriage I would sound desperate. For now I will accept her proposal. Not that I want to sleep with someone from Greavaria... Those pigs..., he thought.

Archie looked away, "We don't need to consummate the marriage. We'll keep it a simple peace treaty."

"Thanks!" Dylan thanked him.

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