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Chapter 5 Visit to Greavaria: Part II

Word Count: 2031    |    Released on: 21/08/2021

n called him i

y and noticed that royalty an

m Archie Seaford, the first son of the Emperor of Promor, I come on a courtesy visit to the kingdom. I bring with me some modest gifts such as pieces of gold, cotton cloth

d at him

ing, Dylan looked at him

e same among the others

e Seanford,"

as the ki

eror in the future. You

ur majesty,"

m to serve you during the three days you inten

peared a

the castle. She will show you

uch your majest

the.There will be a feas

ou your

of the throne room and then Arch


is hair, "you talk about my powers

You got there and took a wh

"Ahm... About that... The pri

y you were dro

, "What a drool? Anyway, it's


d the royal quarter

ed for your Imperial Highness and hi

ie n

nstalled in the chambers f

o ask I would ask you to call

ish is an order, You

ie n

," Leila w

entered one of

d around,

in one of t

gdom of Greavaria..

the armchairs in

girl from the tavern... Or rat

"I'm gaping too...I didn't think I

. You're going to chang

him, "change my

pay for your mo

my position…I'm going to marry her, bu

you feel some charisma for her.

... I'll go w


"Excuse me your Imperial H

!" order

walked in and

r Imperial Highness has


"Well, see you

ed and Ian


our Imp


her bedchamber a

ned back,

arrange some clo

is cloak and sat

ow was your day?" Lizha walked ove

thought playing a pr

ne a p

n si

Emperor's first

ghed unbe

izha peeked ove

n't bel

me what it is I won

elped me drive out the m

what abo

He is the Emper

a stopped in

's ri


at man who took him a

get any woma

hould be running away f

ve you thought about w

ow what to do... This marriage is very important for both sides. I

re you goi

ybe I should marry

d t

a death or disa

years of waiting... Are you going to do that? Wasn'

ave to get married

at the s

start in two hours…" Dylan


d himself i

s with long sleeves and gold deta


nk y

Dorothy and Hannah will esc

y Li

outside were Hannah and

l accomp

and accom

irs they ran into Ar

s group

eted him with is head down,

ighness. After the banquet, would yo

t know how

erial Hig

I have been invited to a beautiful maiden like Your

I'll ask one of my e

forward to


d my escorts will go ahead


nions raised their h

the entrance to the great h

y arrived accompanied by

Arthur cra

," Dyla

s go

f Greavaria and his daughter Dylan Montgomery, Prin

Dylan entered

hall, there wer

the royal men, and on the left, t

ved for the princess, Dylan. Beside Dylan's chair was Archie and beside him Ian. On the other side of the king

ests was s

lan was on his right side

Dylan's escorts and Ar

m some roy

of the throne table they disp

hed and pulled out Dyl

of the Palace. And with great honor that I welcome the first son

ie b

me. He will stay here in the kingdom for three days

ed their hands




time to talk to yo

friend and Archie

going out with him after the b

camped out by the guard

her. Tha

ate t

, "Has your highness ever tasted o

our Imperia

t a strip of meat and se

ece and took i

tood there lo

d the meat,

…" he wiped his l

ered by yo

me?" Dylan cr

a pleasure y

Imperial Highness and I w

se gra

ather," D

hie got up, b

t hall and four kn

ve..." Archie looked a

from being hurt by t

"They mustn't know you h


y side by side fr

king of Greavaria

ighteen years outs


t the castle and head

..." Archie

ay this garden bel

re you living for t

u want to sit down?" D

ur highness,"


e of four and went to live in

mother's death, when I was 16, I decide

mother," Dylan forced a smile, "


discuss our losses. I call

at him, “What'


out our

sed, "I saw when you were forced to leave the tavern… You were

taken aback," he chuckled slightly, "even when

riage. But both sides are counting on it for the sake

e fro

want it?"

arriage I would sound desperate. For now I will accept her proposal. Not t

d to consummate the marriage. We'

Dylan th



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