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Chapter 6 No One Can Make You Feel Wronged!

Word Count: 1542    |    Released on: 26/01/2022

As time passed, Franklin had no intention to talk. Christine's heart went cold at the same time. Was she too hurrying that he had already hated her?

She twisted her wrist, trying to pull it out from his hand, but at this moment, the man embedded her into his chest with his long arms, and his deep and powerful voice sounded at the top of her head.

"All the bride-price of my family has been directly given to Mrs. Brook, including the shares."

"What?" Evan put a long face as he heard that. His fingers grasping the cup turned white, "Chris is too young to manage the shares you gave to her. Why don't you give it to my Stock Family to deal with that?"

"Dad, you look down upon me. I'm married now, so Frank can help me with that. We are family anyway, right?" Hearing what Evan had said, Christine knew that her father still didn't give up and wanted to take advantage of her. So she took her head from Franklin's chest and said the above in a good mood.

"Chris. How could you!"

"Father, why are you acting like that? Do you not trust me or my family?"

Franklin patted Christine on her trembling hand and said to Evan coldly.

Evan swallowed and said angrily, "Of course not. Of course I trust the Brook Family. But if this spread out, I'm afraid the outsiders might think that we are short of people in our family or even gossip that Chris doesn't even have her natal family."

"Chris shares the same family name with me now, who dares to laugh at her in City H?"

"Dad, didn't you say that I can deal with the bride-price the Brook Family gives to me any way I want? Don't you mean that?"

Evan almost spat out blood!

He stared at Christine fiercely. His daughter was always a stupid beauty, but now she even helped others instead of her own family. How could he not be angry?!

Evan took a glance at Gloria, thinking to himself that he might start with Franklin directly, "Of course I mean it. We are a family now. Since Franklin's group is on the way up and Chris's face got hurt, Gloria can help take care of Frank and deal with the issues in the Group."

Christine narrowed her eyes and felt indifferent inside. He wanted Gloria to get close to Franklin and get all the benefits?

Christine rose up to circle Franklin's neck all of a sudden and clung to him with her body. Sensing that Gloria stared at her fiercely, she pretended to say the following casually, "Dad, I'd better take care of my husband by myself. He doesn't like other women to approach him. Tell them if I'm telling the fact, hubby?"

Seeing the expectation deep in her eyes, Franklin felt that the soft part in his heart was touched. He replied with a sore smile, "Sure. Mrs. Brook takes very good care of me."

Under his gaze, Christine turned her gaze casually and felt guilty inside. After all, she almost killed Franklin when she made a mess yesterday. And she still felt fluttered to think about the scene.

Why were her claws so hateful?

Gloria controlled herself not to pull them apart when they were interacting intimately, and said with concern, "Frank, are your wounds getting better? Chris only eloped out of passion and almost got you hurt!"

Hearing that Gloria mentioned the unpleasant topic, Christine wore an indifferent face and wanted to ignore her directly. But now that she didn't want to leave other women any chance to set her husband and her apart, she straightened her body with anger in her eyes, "Gloria, why did you say that I eloped? My face was allergic due to someone's plot. I was so ugly that I feared Frank might disdain me because of that, so I tried to avoid him in haste. I love him so much. How could I elope with other men?"

Christine pleased Franklin with a smiling face while looking at Gloria with a cold face. She gritted her teeth and said, "If I find out who did this to me and intended to embarrass me on purpose, I won't make it easy for her!"

Gloria felt her neck went cold all of a sudden. She had a feeling that Christine said the above to her deliberately.

Did Christine find anything?

When did she become smart?

Christine herself was the one who wanted to eat the mango, but she put the blame on others calmly. She did underestimate her before!

She said it so angrily that Frank learnt she might really want to marry him. His eyes darkened, and his hand pressing her hand tightened gradually. He had waves of emotions drifting in his chest that he couldn't calm down after a long time.

Christine's face turned pale when Franklin grasped her hand so hard. She couldn't help squealing.

"How did you get hurt?"

The man lowered his eyes to see the burned wound on the back of her hand. His eyes turned dark while his slender fingers gripped her wrist, and his whole body exuded the coldness that frightened everyone.

Anyone who was familiar with Franklin knew that they should not get close to him when he was on the verge of rage. But Christine was bold enough to come near him, mainly because she knew he was acting this way since he was worried about her. So, instead of feeling scared and retreating, she leaned against him and coaxed him with grievance, "I was scalded accidentally."

"Chris, are you blind or out of wits?"

Although he said that fiercely, the way he applied medicine on her hand was so soft, as if he was afraid that she might be broken.

Seeing Mrs. Brook was too afraid to refute and was about to cry with grievance, the butler couldn't help explaining, "Sir, Mrs. Brook was so kind as to help Mrs. Miller with the soup. But Miss Stock rushed over and grasped her all of a sudden, so she was scalded."

Gloria was quite embarrassed to hear that what she had done was exposed, so she said innocently, "Chris, I was just too worried about you, so..."

"Butler, send them out!"

Franklin interrupted her indifferently, carrying Christine in his arms directly and striding toward upstairs. He didn't even take a glance at Gloria.

Gloria was ignored. Her eyes poured out and she still wanted to say something.

But the butler didn't take the hint but called two safeguards in and sent them out regardless of their wills.

Witnessing how the butler dealt with this vigorously and resolutely, Christine praised him in her heart. She had known this long ago that Franklin's subordinates were all excellent. If she hadn't been factitious in the previous life, Franklin would have built the most powerful commercial empire a long time ago, instead of delaying a few years.

When they got to the bedroom, Franklin threw her in bed. He was obviously furious, but he only wore a serious face, repressed himself, and said the following, "Weren't you arrogant enough to mess with me during our wedding? Why didn't you tell me the truth downstairs? You played like you were with grievance. Is it because you think I'm not capable to protect you?"

Christine turned over and sat on the bed. Hearing the reason the man was angry, she burst out with a laugh, and her face flushed because of that.

"Christine, you are my wife. No one can make you feel grieved!" Franklin was so irritated to hear her laughter as if she didn't care about that at all, so he turned around a set of her clothes from the cabinet, and then he walked quickly into the bathroom to run her a hot bath. Otherwise, if he took another look at her, he might choke her to death with both hands.

After the water was prepared, he reached out his hands to unbutton her clothes. But as soon as his well-jointed hand touched her collar, she grasped her collar with an unnatural expression, "Don't bother, I can do it myself."

Regardless of her shyness, Franklin ripped all her clothes and held her to the bathroom without hesitation. Sensing that she was struggling to get down, he warned her with a cold face, "If you don't want to see your hand infected, don't move!"

Christine stopped struggling obediently, allowing him to carry her into the water, her arm hung on his neck.

The bathroom was steaming, and the dizzy light enveloped a charming atmosphere. Christine's face flushed. In the previous and this life, she had only slept with Franklin. She had indeed determined to live a happy life with him, and even her body was fine with her sleeping with him.

But for the time being, she couldn't accept facing him with a naked body. Even thinking about it was enough to make her flush.

Christine observed the man with the corner of her eyes. He was focusing on washing her body. His long fingers ran through her body, and she couldn't help trembling and even moaning.


"Oh, my goodness!" She thought.

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