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Chapter 18 Your First Name and My Last Name
Words Count: 1313    |    Released on:26/01/2022

When Franklin went out, the doctor and the housekeeper were waiting at the door. Their smiles happened to coincide when they saw the folds on Franklin's clothes.

They guessed it wouldn't be so long before they had a little master as Franklin and Christine loved each other.

One thing worth noticing was that Franklin was a neat freak and didn't want many servants. So, there were only several servants in the villa, and they would leave after finishing their jobs.

Franklin hated people disturbing him when he was working. And the housekeeper and Mrs. Miller were there to take after Christine after their marriage.

The doctor handed the points for attention just written to Franklin, then took out a small bottle of ointment from the medicine cabinet and whispered, "Mr. Brook, this can relieve her pain afterward."

Franklin gave him a scolding glance although the doctor used a euphemism.

"And I examined Mrs. Brook's body just now and there is something I didn't mention before. Mrs. Brook suffered from the cold uterus and it can be harder for her to have a baby. Once she is pregnant, she may suffer more compared with normal women." As a doctor, he had a kind heart and didn't want Christine in trouble.

"Can she be cured?"


The doctor was famous in City H for his good medical skills. He came from a medical family appointed by The Brooks and naturally, his medical skill was guaranteed.

If he said "Yes", he could do that.

"Okay. Prescribe medicine for her first. And we won't have a baby before she is cured." Franklin wrinkled his brows with strength, pinched the paper, and said in a serious voice, "No one is allowed to tell her about this.

"Yes, Mr. Brook."

The doctor answered with simple words and he felt Franklin was staring at him with warning eyes. And he felt the chill on his neck.

Seeing that the doctor was sweating and asking help with his eyes, the housekeeper took him away.

Franklin had no idea he had terrified people and took it for granted. After all, Christine was not afraid of him.

He went downstairs fetch some honey jujube from Mrs. Miller and saw the housekeeper coming with his cell phone: "Mr. Brook, Johnny called and said that he had found something about Mrs. Brook's accident."

There was hidden chaos in Franklin's eyes. He took the phone, went into the study, and heard Johnny greeted banteringly, "Is she fine now?"

In the police station, Johnny saw Frank carrying Christine back angrily. And now Frank seemed to finish his punishment.

"Are you calling for this?" Franklin answered in a low voice.

"Of course not. A Jones came here to bail Martin out. I interrogated him for a while and warned him before letting him go. However, Martin didn't know that someone had touched his car and he seemed to be a scapegoat. Someone wanted your wife to die."

Frank slowed his breath and he was shrouded in hostility.

"Who did it last time?"

"No results yet. But what are you doing if I find them?" Johnny was scanning the video and analyzed calmly, "Why not wait and see. Christine may not be their target and it is you who they want."

As a young commercial leader in City H, Franklin possessed important and profitable resources and robbed other enterprises in City H. Naturally, they were extremely jealous and wished Franklin could have an accident.

In the market, any means can be used. And there were many battlefields where people were killed without blood.

Franklin swallowed, looked at his watch, and answered coldly, "No need to wait. I won't let anyone get away easily if they dare to hurt Christine."

"Frank, what I mean is taking Christine..."

"John," Franklin interrupted him and put his fingers on his temple, "Christine is the most important thing for me. I will not use her as bait, and I don't need her to pay any price for my career."

Since Franklin had seen through him, Johnny could not continue to persuade Franklin but change the subject, "What did Christine tell you when you were home?"

He somehow wanted to know if Christine had spoken ill of him.

After all, Franklin loved his wife so much that Franklin might want to kill Johnny if Franklin knew Christine was hurt because of Johnny.

However, Franklin was also a patient man who might say nothing now and make trouble for Johnny in the coming future.

This could be seen from the fact that Frank could endure for a long time to force his competitors to be cornered. Franklin was not as calm as the voice sounded.

Franklin wrinkled his brows and tapped the desk with his fingers, his eyes filled up with coldness gradually.

As time passed, his face was gloomy, and his thin lips pursed. He said coldly, "John, were you testing Christine?"

"..." Johnny paused for a second, and admitted reluctantly, "Well...she told you about that."

"No, she said nothing about it." Franklin looked downward and continued in a gloomy tone, "But she went there for you, had an accident, and climbed the gate. Then you brought her to the police. I couldn't think of another possible excuse except that you didn't open the door for her. John, could you give me that excuse?"

OMG! So, he was calculated?

Johnny wondered why he forgot Frank was a cunning businessman. And Franklin found the truth after a few words.

"All right, you are right." Johnny acknowledged without guilt, "I don't like what she had done to you and want to give her a lesson. And I also want to know what she can do for you. Then you know what happened. I didn't anticipate she should stand in the rain for a long time and climb the gate to meet me. Now, you two have a better relationship, right?"

"That is to say, you didn't come to me directly and waited for her deliberately. That is what you have planned, right?" Franklin leaned against the balcony railing, and his eyes were as dark as the nighttime.

OMG! So, he was calculated again?

"Can you stop bullying me with your smart brain?" Johnny was speechless and complained impatiently, "I just played a joke with your wife. I didn't know Martin was in the police station before they told me."

"I know you will be fine according to your ability," Johnny admitted frankly that he was testing Christine and punished her for what she had done to Franklin.

Franklin told him in a serious tone, "Christine is my wife and she is young and not mature enough. I hope you two can get along well with each other."

Johnny gave a little start.

He knew he could not make Franklin choose between his friends and his wife, "It is my fault this time. Why don't you host the event and call out all our brothers? We can celebrate that as a private wedding banquet. And you can take this as my apology. you..."

Franklin and Christine's wedding was a total joke which had no extra process.

Not even an oath.

Franklin was supposed to attend the press conference with his newly married wife, which could also raise his popularity in City H. Unfortunately, he didn't do it until now.

Franklin frowned and saw that bottle of honey jujube.

"John, Christine could not fall asleep without me. As for your apology, we will discuss it later."

'Du Du Du'--

Franklin hung up the phone before Johnny finished his words.

Johnny stiffed for a moment before he came back to reality. And he shouted,

"Fuck, do you think it's good to have a wife?"

Yes, it was.

For Franklin, the most aboveboard and dark thing to do in his life was to put his last name after Christine's first name!

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