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Chapter 5 I Spoiled Her That Way

Word Count: 1786    |    Released on: 26/01/2022

Lying in bed, Christine didn't feel happy at all.

After such a long time since they got married, Franklin and she still slept in different rooms. If so, how could they develop their relationship?

She wanted to take the initiative because she couldn't give others any chance to get between her and Frank!

Christine thought about this for a long time and finally fell asleep. She didn't open her eyes until she was enveloped under a shadow. Seeing Frank's handsome face, she breathed a sigh of relief.

In her previous life, she was dragged out and beaten when she fell asleep frequently in the middle of the night, so she slept restlessly.

"Feeling disappointed to see me?"

Frank put on simple home clothes and sat beside her bed. His cold and lonely aura surrounded Christine, which made it hard for her to ignore.

Noticing the sadness flashed on his face, Christine almost lost her breath. Her mouth opened, but she couldn't make a sound.

She wanted to say she didn't mean that!

And she only acted that way out of instinct!

Franklin looked at her coldly, noticing the vigilance in her eyes as well. Leaning over to squeeze her chin, he forced her to look up at her, and said with self-deprecation, "Mrs. Brook, for such a long time, you didn't go downstairs to have your meal. Do you want to force me to divorce by fasting?"

It reminded Christine that she had done the same in her previous life. After Gloria incited her to drink until she suffered stomach bleeding, it was Frank who pulled her out of the nightclub and took her to the hospital late at night. She saw with her own eyes that a drop of tear fell from the corners of his scarlet eyes that night.

This man was willing to cry for her when she got hurt.

But where was Martin at that time? He was probably showing his charm upon Gloria's body!

How stupid was she to give her husband to other women?!

Christine got so many thoughts in her mind, but it only took a few seconds.

When Frank saw her distracted, his eyes turned extremely cold. He squeezed her chin with his hand violently, "You have three minutes to tidy yourself up and have dinner downstairs!"

The sharp pain on her chin brought her senses back immediately.

Watching his lonely back, she uncovered the quit and rushed toward him without hesitation, holding his wrist from behind and forbidding him from leaving.

As soon as her soft body attached to his back, a stream ran through Franklin's body instantly. He didn't see that coming. After a while, he reached out his hand to loosen her hands, but she held him tighter instead.

"Let me go!" Franklin said impatiently.


Franklin's face was gloomy. Sensing her face rubbing against his back, like a pitiful kitten who was about to be abandoned, he clasped her waist and took her in front of his chest, saying huskily, "What are you doing? Are there any other tricks in your mind?"

Christine felt wronged, her dazzling eyes looking innocently at Franklin, who was on the verge of losing his temper.


He fixed his eyes on her, "What?"

Christine raised her neck slightly, but she was only 1.6 meters tall. Compared with his 1.9 meters, she was too short. So she jumped up hard like a rabbit and kissed him before she rushed downstairs.

Franklin was startled, his heartbeat pausing for a second. His indifferent expression became confused, a strange feeling rushing into his mind.

Stroking his cheek that had just been kissed as well as seeing the figure running downstairs, he had a faint smile on his face.

There was a table of food which had been heated again and again. When Christine got downstairs, she helped Mrs. Miller with the hot soup. But before she could put it down, a claw grasped her wrist fiercely. Although she put down the soup within the shortest time, her white hand was still heated by the overflowing soup.

Following the direction of the claw, Christine saw Gloria's face that she wanted to slap.

Especially when she pretended to care about her deliberately, "Chris, hurry up and go quickly. Dad has learned the secret between you and Martin. I failed to stop him!"

Since her nails raked the back of Christine's hand, Christine shook off her hand out of pain. But Gloria fell to the ground afterwards.

There were tears in Gloria's eyes. She bit her lips, acting like she was aggrieved, "Chris, what's wrong with you? I know you are afraid that father might know the elopement thing and you blame me for failing to cover it for you. But I did try my best!"


She was still pretending!

She had to admit that Gloria was quite good at playing innocent!

Her soft and sobbing appearance might attract any man in this world!

Christine could sense the scorching gaze from somewhere on the second floor, and she knew clearly that Gloria had said those deliberately to Franklin. She wanted to alienate her and Franklin. Her cold gaze lay on Gloria's face, and she helped her up hurriedly, "Gloria, what secrets will I have with the scum Martin?! He means nothing to me, so why should I elope with him? And you, Gloria, why did you bring him here to me? Are you blind or something?"

Gloria was really irritated to hear that. It could tell from her eyes that she couldn't wait to tear Christine apart, but she had to bear it, holding her anger and watching Evan Stock rushing over to support her.

"Gloria, are you alright?" Evan stared at Christine whose face was inflamed and scolded, "Look at your face! Shame on you! If I had foreseen this, I shouldn't have allowed you to marry him, but let Gloria..."

"Let Gloria take my place and marry Franklin?" Christine interrupted him sharply.

Why didn't she notice what role she played in the heart of her "considerate father" in the previous life?

When she was plotted to stab Franklin, the first news she heard was she delisted herself from the Stock Family!

Like a homeless dog, she was kicked into prison.

"Dad, do you think the Stock Family is a group of idiots? My mother settled the marriage with them, and I am now Mrs. Brook in law. If they heard that our family wanted my sister to replace me and marry with Franklin, they might misunderstand that after my mother passed away, our Stock Family has some bad intentions by using the stepmother's daughter instead of the daughter of the legal wife to marry the rich family!"

She was telling the truth. Otherwise, who could explain the allergic rashes on her face? She only got this thanks to Gloria and her stepmother Tami Brown!

Everyone knew that Christine's mother was the legal wife of Evan. But Gloria was even two years older than her. It was obvious that her father Evan had an affair before!

Hearing that Christine referred to the fact that she was a bastard, Gloria couldn't help breaking one of the nails she had done.

Evan's face also turned aflame after he heard that. The following words were squeezed out from his mouth word by word, "How dare you! Who gave you the courage to talk to me like that?"

Christine sneered. But before she could refute, a cold male voice sounded behind her.

"It was me. You got a problem with that?"

Seeing what Franklin had said made Evan embarrassed on the spot, Christine felt good and enjoyable!

She couldn't help turning around, seeing the man in home wear walking down casually. His every move was so elegant and his smile was so warm and pure, which even lit up his eyes.

Her hubby was cool to defend her!

Christine was so happy that she forgot the pain in her hand. She trotted into the man's arms with tears pouring out of her eyes. Her face almost went pale when she buried her head into his arms.

Did it just mean a play to Gloria? Well, she could do it as well!

Gloria got Evan's protection, but she got Frank's!

Frank held her steadily without hesitation. His mouth approached her ear slowly, but what he said made Christine feel at ease.

"Feel wronged? I'm here to vent your anger."

Christine lost her words.

She remained silent, but her shoulders trembled.

Obviously, she was crying.

Seeing Franklin stroking Christine, Evan wasn't as arrogant as before all of a sudden. This time, he sounded like a loving father, "Chris has been self-willed since she was a child. I'm sorry she did this to you. As her father..."

"Father, Christine is now my wife, and I spoiled her to be self-willed. Who dares to blame her for acting that way?!"

When he said the last word, his sharp eyes swept over them like wild beasts with fangs, as if he was going to go on a killing spree.

Even if Evan was angry with his attitude, he had to hold his emotions back and said nicely. He reached out his hand, trying to pat Christine on her shoulder, but was stopped by Frank's gaze, "Frank, Chris is now a Brook. So it's time for you to fulfill your promise about the bride-price so that we can further develop the relationship between our families."

Christine's body stiffed when she heard this, and then she sensed the man held her tighter.

"Frank, I heard that the cooperation program is kind of complicated. I happen to know how to deal with that. Why don't you let me be your secretary?" Gloria volunteered all of a sudden, but Christine's face turned gloomy.

Her biological father took her as a tool to get more fortune, while her sister who was an angelic bitch wanted to take her place instead!

She didn't forget that there was a problem with the program later. So the Stock Family made full use of her, asked her to beg Franklin to deal with that, and made her a joke in the Brook Family. But in the end, Gloria got all the benefits and became the great hero.

Christine squeezed her hand into his palm, planning to indicate him to refuse, but her hand was held by Franklin instead. She was so anxious that she wanted to remind him, but Frank pressed her lips with his index finger. Therefore, the living room was in silence all of a sudden. His deep eyes looked into hers, and his fingertip running through her soft lips. She clenched her skirt tightly, wouldn't he believe her?

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