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Chapter 4 Being Dramatic

Word Count: 937    |    Released on: 26/01/2022

Hearing his overbearing command, Christine couldn't help putting on a big smile, "Hubby, I'm so tired and sleepy."

She poked his chest with her little hand, and couldn't help but fantasize about his eight abs. Their passion last night made her face aflame.

Franklin caught her little hand and frowned.

Gloria almost couldn't control her anger. Walking forward, she pretended to be gentle and generous, and stretched out her hand to pull Christine's wrist, "Frank, Chris was allergic after she ate mangoes yesterday. You'd better not get infected."

Christine avoided Gloria's paws, as if she touched some plague virus, "Gloria, I know you are doing this for my own good. All this time, you have worked hard to fix me up with Martin, but I really don't like him. I feel happy to be with my husband now."


Gloria knew that Christine was stupid, but she didn't expect her to expose her plot in front of Franklin. As expected, Franklin's expression changed as soon as he heard it.

"Frank, I..."

"Gloria, my hubby is now your brother-in-law. You'd better not call his name again, or others might misunderstand the relationship between you two." Christine circled his neck possessively.

Her action was so possessive that a trace of a smile lifted on the corner of his mouth. The emotions in his eyes deepened again.

Gloria smiled stiffly and pulled her hand back awkwardly, "Chris, I'm leaving now."

After that, she turned around and left the villa indignantly.

Christine could tell that Gloria didn't give up.

But she wasn't in a rush, either. She would take back everything that belonged to her little by little.

Christine turned her head and acted coquettishly as she hung on Franklin's neck, "Hubby, my legs are sore. Can you carry me for a while?"

Franklin glanced at her calmly, carried her in his arms, and walked towards the living room.

"Weren't your legs quite strong when you were trying to elope?" Franklin threw her onto the sofa rudely.

"Hubby, you are jealous, aren't you? I've told you already that Gloria tricked me out and Martin forced me to elope." After she said this, Christine suddenly remembered how Gloria looked at her man obsessively. She was unhappy with that and held his tie, "No other women are allowed to call your name! I don't like them calling your name!"

Franklin narrowed his eyes, bending over towards her and supporting his body with his arms on both sides of her body.

A strong hormonal aura enveloped her, his warning sounding in her ears, "Christine, no matter what tricks you are playing, remember your identity. In this life, you can only be my woman, and even if you die, your family name will be mine!"

Tears appeared in Christine's eyes. She held him with her arms and they got closer.

In her previous life, Franklin practiced what he had said just now to the extreme. Even if she stabbed his heart with a knife, he would not let go of her hand. The reason why she divorced him was that the Brook Family forced her to sign the divorce agreement behind his back.

"Hubby, remember what you just said. We won't get divorced in this life!"

Whoever wanted to abandon such a sweet husband must be an idiot!

With her soft hand around his neck, Franklin had a flash of desire in his eyes, layers of ripples stirring up in his heart.

"Christine, don't start this."

After he said that, he turned around and walked toward the bedroom.

Christine didn't get it, thinking he was threatening her not to play tricks to divorce.

Seeing his long legs striding forward, Christine murmured inwardly that he still didn't trust her. Well, never mind. Given she had treated him badly and done a lot to hurt him before, it was a bit difficult to mend the rift between them. That was fine though, because they had a lifelong time to mend it together.

The butler handed the phone to her and said, "Mrs. Brook, there's a call for you."

"Thank you."

Christine thanked him politely, which frightened him a lot.

After all, Christine was famous in City H for being spoiled and self-willed. Before the young master married her, the butler was quite unhappy with their marriage.

But she put on a long face just now and saved Master Franklin from embarrassment. What a release of anger!

Christine picked up the phone. But before she could speak, her father scolded her badly, "You unfilial girl! What stupid thing have you done last night? How dare you break off the engagement? Get your ass back to the Brook Family and apologize to them!"

Christine was stunned to hear that for a moment. Surely Gloria had already told Evan Stock on her.

"Father, I'm good with Frank now. We've already applied for our marriage certificate."

Her father paused for a second, and then shouted again, "Are you trying to fool me? Don't you think I will buy what you said that easy? Get your ass back home!"

After all those lies she had made, it was really hard for others to believe her!

"Father, if I did elope with Martin, do you think Frank would let me go that easy? You know his temper after all. Now that the Brook Family is fine with this, you should not push us through this..."

Evan thought what she said was reasonable, so he hung up after a while. But he still felt something was wrong. After a long time, he finally figured that out!

Christine dared talk to him in that tone!

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