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Chapter 16 I Will Kick You to Death If You Keep Speaking Ill of My Husband
Words Count: 1405    |    Released on:26/01/2022

"NO!" Seeing Franklin was about to leave, Martin was so feared, "Mr. Brook, I am sorry. But I was instigated..."

The door shut before he completed his words.

Johnny didn't know how to respond when he saw Franklin hurried to the next room. Now Johnny could understand why Franklin suddenly ended this interrogation instead of keeping questioning Martin in detail.

Franklin must be sure that Martin's car accident was not accidental at all. It was designed for Christine!

Johnny stopped looking at the back of Franklin and threw his cup at Martin, "Stop shouting! Martin, you should have known that there are people you can't trouble in City H. How dare you sue The Brooks?"

"Don't you know that the brakes of your car were destroyed before you had an accident?"

"If you want to die, I have plenty of plans for you."

Johnny glanced at the police nearby and told him, "Send the man in prison and wait for someone to come and bail him."

Martin fell in his wheelchair and could hear nothing although Franklin's lawyer was talking something with him.

Johnny didn't care about Martin and turned back to leave the room. The moment he was outside, Johnny saw the couple was looking into each other in a way as if they had been torn apart for a thousand years. And Johnny was speechless one more time.

Christine stepped on the ground with one foot bare. Her slippers were a few steps away from her because she walked so fast that it was left behind.

She raised her head to look into Franklin's eyes and hesitantly stood there still.

She wondered if he would doubt her belief in him because she didn't do what he told her—to stay home and wait for him.

Finally, Christine understood that mixed feelings when one struggled to approach another. And her heart ached for Franklin.

"You want to cry again?"

She could feel that cold breath coming from him.

She could not help herself touching his face and his body. Onlookers might be surprised by her bold actions.

Franklin hold her hand, looked at her, and said in a low voice, "You want me? Can you wait until we go home? There are so many people watching us and I am shy."

Although he said so, nobody nearby dared to see them.

Only when Christine finished her examination and concluded that Frank was not injured did Christine felt her self-rejection suppressed in her heart was relieved.

Franklin felt something special when he put his hands on her shoulder. He could felt that piercing coldness through that trench coat. And he saw her barefoot on the ground trembling. He held her with his arms and took off her coat. He was infuriated the moment he touched her wet back.


The whole corridor echoed with his roar.

"You exposed yourself to the rain, didn't you?"

Christine, "..."

She shrugged and nodded hesitantly.

And she wondered whether she could still get out of the bed if she told him she had driven at a fast speed, hit something, and climbed the gate door.

"Christine, you didn't take my words seriously, did you?" Franklin carried her in his arms and gnashed his teeth, "Good, you forget everything once more. You are healthy enough to do all these crazy things again?"

Christine silently listened to his words as if she was a poor child who made mistakes.

After saying that, Franklin was not so angry anymore when he saw Christine was trembling with cold.

"Wilson,drive the car here."

Christine was carried in his arms and putting her head on his shoulder. She asked weakly, "Frank, Martin that bastard didn't hurt you, right?"

"How could he hurt me?" Franklin hid his anger and smiled. And there was softness in his eyes.

"What about him?"

"Well. Are you worried about him?" Franklin replied in a cold tone, opened the door, and put her on the backseat of the car, "What do you want me to do with him?"

Christine looked weak and sneezed several times, nested on his shoulder, and murmured, "Of course, beat him to death. How dare him to frame my husband!


Franklin chuckled and raised his head, "Wilson, turn on the heating to the maximum. Drive carefully and don't look back."

Wilson gave a start and felt someone was staring at his neck from behind.

It seemed that his head might leave his body if he dared to look back.

Wilson wondered as such.

Sensing that Christine was getting colder and colder. Frank wrinkled his brows and took off her suit down. Then he saw a long wound in her arm. Although it stopped bleeding, he could see that the wound was still very deep.

His heart was aching for her and he forced himself not to criticize her. Then he took off her pants and tried to suppress his anger, asked calmly and peacefully. "Christine, you'd better explain the injury on your arm and the rag of your pants."

"And explain it with proper excuse to prevent me from being angry with you."

He showed his white teeth like a beast in the wasteland.

The warm light in the car shadowed his cold face. Christine held back her grievances and gathered the courage to explain.

"I...I went for Johnny..." somehow her tongue twisted, "to ask him to help you. And there was a car accident..."

She looked at Frank tentatively and hurried to add, "But the car is good, and I am fine. Just hurt my arm in that accident."

"Well...Should I be thankful for the good car I buy so that you can drive them and have an accident as you like?"

"That's not what I want to say." Christine didn't know how to continue.

"What happened to your leg then?"

"Leg..." Christine didn't want to speak ill of Johnny so she picked the detail and said, "Will you become angry if I tell you I fell on the earth when I climbed the gate?"

Hearing her weak voice, Franklin could not stay calm anymore and the corner of his mouth stiffed.

And he put his suit on her and took a deep breath, "You climbed the gate?"


Franklin saw that she was stuffy in his arms and did not dare to raise her head. He closed his eyes and forced himself to refrain from the urge to punish her. He pulled her legs over and touched the soles of her feet with his hand. He shivered with cold and squeezed words from his throat with his teeth gnashed: "Christine, Is there anything you dare not do? Why did you go to Johnny?"

"I was too worried about you. I saw the media waiting outside to write news about us. Martin must have planned it. I don't want you to get hurt and lose face because of me," Christine said sincerely while her nose seemed to have a stuffy nose.

Franklin knew she was terrified and hugged her until they went back home.

Although it was almost midnight, lights in Brook's Villa were shining.

The housekeeper breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Franklin came back with Christine in his arms.

"Prepare some hot tea and call the family doctor. Tell them to arrive here in 30 minutes."


The housekeeper hurried to do what Franklin ordered. On the other side, Franklin carried Christine upstairs and went into the bathroom. He turned up the heat, put her into the hot water, and took off her wet clothes. Then he turned and walked outward.

"I will give you three minutes and wait at the door."

Although he seemed to be calm and leisurely, Christine knew exactly that he was angry, and he was holding his temper.

He did all these expressionlessly and didn't even look at her.

The moment he was about to leave, Christine felt her heart skip a beat.

"You are mad at me, aren't you?"

"No, stop thinking too much," Franklin answered in a calm tone unexpectedly.

Seeing his trembling back, Christine acted cute deliberately yet her voice was husky, "Yes, you are mad at me, Frank. Why you don't tell me about that? What are you going to do? Drinking alcohol?"


Franklin was silent.

Christine didn't want to leave their misunderstanding to be solved tomorrow. She loved Franklin.

"My arm hurts. Can you stay here and help me? Please!"

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