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Chapter 17 Franklin Was Good at Flirting with Her
Words Count: 1387    |    Released on:26/01/2022

Franklin paused his steps.

After thinking for a while, he suppressed the ache in his heart and walked toward her.

"Give me your hand."

Christine put her hand in his. Her hand was small, soft, and didn't cover too much of his.

Frank was a neat freak and she was untidy now. He should have stayed away from her hand, but he didn't.

Franklin sank his head and found her face was covered with a small red bruise. His heart was aching for her.

"What if you can behave well every day as what you look like after making mistakes!"

He threw out such words.

Then, Christine plumped out her cheeks and gave him a humph.

In the meantime, Franklin felt that she was trying to retreat her hand from his.

Knowing what she wanted to do, Franklin grabbed her fingers tightly, "You are angry again after several words? Did I say anything wrong?"

"No, how dare I get angry with you! Even if I am angry, I am also angry with that bastard who was trying to defame you. I will beat him with all my strength next time." Christine smashed her fist into the bathtub, splashing the water all over her face and onto Franklin's clothes."

"So you are speaking your heart to me?"

Franklin put his hand on her shoulder and looked the scenery under the water: "If you continue to do it, don't blame me if I get you to bed now and fuck you until you cry!"

Christine, "..."

She made a face.

She made it to show that she was not afraid of him.

She was pretending to be strong. Yet in Frank's eyes, she was just a scarecrow that would be broken when it was stabbed.

Franklin smiled and get her out of the hot water and helped her dress her pajamas.

Somebody was knocking at the door.

The doctor came in and examined the bruises in her arms and legs, "Mrs. Brook, the injury is a little infected by rain and needs medicine."

Christine gave him her arm and worn a fearless expression.

The doctor put down his medicine cabinet and pressed the cotton wool dipped in alcohol on her bruises abruptly.

She could not bear that pain and her face turned to be pale immediately. And she gasped and stepped back so that she could hide her body in Franklin's arms.

"Be careful!"

Franklin patted her on her back with one hand and warned the doctor.

"Okay, okay."

The forehead of the doctor was sweating.

Being afraid of Franklin, the doctor finished his job in his most gentle way.

After applying some medicine to her wound, the doctor gave her some medicine to prevent colds and fever. And he said, "Mrs. Brook, you'd better not touch cold water recently and eat some simple food. And your ankle sprain is more serious. Stay in bed for a month to rest and don't walk too much. Occasional exercises are needed."

"Madam is weak and may catch a cold and have a fever at night because she was caught in the rain today. However, it is better not to take drugs now for every drug has its side effects. She can drink a bowl of ginger soup to dispel the cold. She can get through it if she is lucky enough," The doctor spoke emotionlessly.

Christine was in a dizzy and her ears were buzzing. She didn't hear what the doctor said at all which made the doctor speechless.

It was Franklin who took the doctor's words seriously and remembered it in his mind.

The different attitudes of them surprised the doctor a lot.

"Housekeeper, write down what the doctor just said and make a room for him to live here tonight," Franklin ordered in a deep voice.

He had Christine in his arms. Christine put her head on his chest and her body was weak.

Seeing that she was exhausted, Franklin took the hot ginger soup brought by Mrs. Miller, blew it gently, and sent it to her, "Drink it."

The pungent smell of ginger came to her and it smelled so horrible that Christine refused.

She leaned back hard, without considering that there were so many people in the room. She grabbed Franklin's shirt in the quilt and tried to arouse his sympathy.

"Frank, this soup is hot and spicy, can I refuse it?" Seeing that Frank squinted his eyes, she shrunk back and let his shirt go. She measured with her finger, "Or how about I drink a little of it? My body is strong. I wasn't hurt in a car accident, and I won't get a fever after exposure to the rain."

Both the housekeeper and the doctor didn't see anyone bargained in such a way before and they didn't know what to say.

"Mrs. Brook, since you are bargaining with a businessman, do you prepare something to pay me?" Franklin fondled the corner of her mouth and tried to avoid her injuring herself. "There, there, Stop biting yourself."

Christine felt he flirted again.

Why did he like to do that?

"What do you want?" Christine shrugged and could think of nothing else she owned except the 5 billion yuan she got in the morning. And she had spent some of it to buy shoes for Franklin.

By the way, she also had the dowry given by the Brooks and the dowry left by her mother, all of which were robbed by The Stocks!

She would take them back.

"I want your heart."

Franklin was in a good mood and couldn't help himself playing a joke with her.

"My heart?" Christine blushed and was so delighted to hear that, "But I had given my heart to you already! I had given it to you in this life and my previous life."

Christine knew she loved Franklin in her previous life when she was about to die. It was then that she saw him and realized that she loved him.

People would think of the most important person in their lives when they were in danger. So, Franklin was the most important one to her.

Franklin was still expressionless, but his hand holding the soup bowl quivered and the soup almost spilled and hurt Christine. It let out his uneasiness.

He wrinkled his brows and said still in that expressionless face when he saw her sniffed, "If you have given your heart to me, then drink it and no more bargain."

Christine, "..."

"You don't love me?"

That was not the same thing at all.

Christine was too shy to bear his questioning eyes, so she took the bowl and poured the soup into her throat with one hand holding her nose.

Then she coughed.

And her face turned red due to those violent coughs.

She thought she might cough her lung up.

Franklin fondled her back to make her feel better. And he looked at her affectionately.

When she stopped coughing and had tears in her eyes, she buried herself in his chest and complained weakly, "It tastes terrible."

Suddenly, her chin was lifted and her lips were kissed. Franklin outlined her lips with his tongue carefully.

Christine's heart beat fast. Her eyes were blinking with blank and her breath was messed up.

After a quarter, Franklin let her free before she thought she might be the first woman to die from a kiss.

She looked around and found no one else was in the room now. She patted his chest and wondered it was lucky that they were gone.

"Does it taste good now?"

"What?" Christine gave a start and finally understood his words. She beat him on the shoulder with her fist, like a cat was tickling. "It's doesn't. It's the taste of a jealous man, extremely sour."

He was a "vinegar bottle" who could easily be jealous.

In her previous life, he would drag her in the bed and punished her once she had met Martin.

As for the way to punish her? It was probably sex.

"Anyway, you taste good." Franklin petted her cheeks and walked outside, "Stay there, and I will bring you some honey jujube."

Her eyes lit up immediately and she nodded.

Then she came to realize one thing.

She was teased once more.

Why did Franklin become so provocative?

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