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Chapter 10 The Wife of a Big Figure

Word Count: 1549    |    Released on: 26/01/2022

Under her gaze, Larissa only felt guilty, so she had to hold back her curse.

Her chest swelled as she wiped her face with a tissue. She restrained herself and blamed her properly, "Chris, I understand you are in a bad mood. But it took me many efforts and money to make this salve for you. But you just ruined it."

"It's fine. I won't use it anyway," Christine said.

"Chris, what do you mean? We are good friends, but you think I'm doing this to hurt you?" Larissa's eyes flashed anger. She had expected that Christine would take a large sum of money to apologize to her and please her eagerly.

Christine didn't have many friends. She was too pretty that all other girls became foils beside her.

If Christine hadn't been so rich and got Franklin as her fiancé, she wouldn't even talk to her.

"I mean you don't need to send any of this to me again," Christine said.

Larissa was stunned, feeling like her body was wetted by a pot of cold water. She questioned her nervously, "Why?"

If Christine didn't give her money, how could she raise the price and get a kickback from it?

"I'm Mrs. Brook now." Christine picked up the water cup. The glow refracted by the ring on her finger reflected in Christine's eyes, which made her feel more jealous, "The Brook Family has their own family doctor, so you don't have to bother to make me the salve. You should keep the good stuff you made. Oh, by the way, you can send it to my sister, she will like it."

"Okay." Larissa ground her teeth. She felt that the sweet smile on Christine's face was so hateful.

She squinted, walked toward Christine, and sat by her side, "Chris, why don't we go shopping? You need to buy some gifts for your family when you go back several days later. I can give you some advice."

Christine tasted the water carefully. She felt that being alive was a kind of happiness.

After hearing what Larissa said, Christine darkened her eyes. At this time, the butler asked the servants to move out her clothes. She saw the scene and had a plan all of a sudden, "You are right. I just want to buy the gifts as well. You can wait for me outside. I'll see you after I tell the butler something."

Seeing her taking the bite, Larissa was relieved. There were several suits of clothes she fancied. All she needed was to take Christine to pay the bill. And the ring on her finger was bought by Franklin, the most famous rich man in City H. It would look better on her finger!

Seeing Larissa walking out arrogantly as if she was Mrs. Brook, Christine chuckled. Then she told the butler to move all her clothes to the car that Larissa had driven here.

The butler didn't get it. Feeling worried about her, he exhorted, "Mrs. Brook, your face is still recovering. Mr. Brook will worry about you if the media takes your pictures."

She was now Mrs. Brook. Even if she didn't care about her image, she should take her husband's reputation into consideration.

"I'll put on the silk scarf and sunglasses. They won't be able to catch my face." Christine was glad to see that Larissa's make up was messed up under the sun and she was quite impatient. The little demon in her heart was suddenly awakened. She raised her lips playfully, took over the clothes, and put them on.

The butler was a bit speechless when he saw her bundling up and only left her eyes out.

"Mrs. Brook, do you still want to go out?"

"Of course. I've spent a lot of money on these clothes and I won't make them mean nothing. Now that I'm not making money, I can't spend them casually." Christine had her plan, so she took her purse and went out, "Please be assured. I'll be back before dinner and I won't embarrass Frank."

After she said that, she hugged the old butler.

She knew the man was caring about her.

Seeing Christine leaving, the butler still felt worried, so he turned to call Franklin.

There was an emergency meeting holding in the quiet conference hall when the man's cell phone rang. Everyone couldn't help holding their breaths.

Franklin set his mouth into a line and picked up the phone regardless of other people's reactions.

"Sir, Mrs. Brook was taken out by Larissa Green."

The butler emphasized "was taken out", expecting that they wouldn't start another quarrel. It was obvious that Mrs. Brook was trying to live in a better way, as a butler who had worked for years in the family, he did wish that the two of them could live a happy life.

Franklin's cold face suddenly turned gloomy. He questioned him indifferently, "When did that happen?"

"A few minutes ago." The butler told Franklin what had just happened in detail.

His long nails knocked on the desk and his voice was cold, "Get someone to follow Mrs. Brook. If anything happens to her, you know the consequences."

"What? Your wife is starting a new drama?" Mason Jones moved his swivel chair close to Franklin and asked in a low voice when he lowered his head.

"Vice-President Jones is very suitable to be responsible for the development project of the site in South Africa," Franklin uttered indifferently.

Mason's face turned dark as he heard that.

When he saw the signature pen in Franklin's hand was folded into two parts, he silently moved his chair back.

The wife of some big figure was the last to be messed with or gossiped!

After the butler hung up, he sent several men to follow Christine.

Larissa had no idea that there was a car following hers. She only thought to herself that the idiot Christine would not only pay her bills, but also be caught by the media that she had an affair with Martin Jones. The Brook Family would never let such a bitch be together with Franklin. By then, Christine's happy life would be over.

"Larissa, you seem very happy?" Seeing her parking the car in front of the counter, Christine asked her coldly.

"Of course I'm happy. I have you go shopping with me." Larissa couldn't hold her laughter at the thought that Christine was about to be utterly discredited.

They walked arm in arm to the luxury shop they had used to go. Larissa walked in front and proudly asked the shop assistant to take out the advanced customized clothes.

She picked out a few sets of clothes within a short time, and then brought them to Christine and expected her to pay the bill.

"Chris, I've chosen some for us. It's a total of 530 thousand. Let's check out together and I'll pay the bill next time we go shopping." Larissa pushed Christine's back.

Christine's eyelid twitched when she heard the price.

She cursed Larissa badly in her heart. That was the money Franklin gave to her, why should she spend it on others?

It was hers! Hers! All of them were hers!

Larissa was anxious to see that Christine stood there still and the shop assistant despised her. She hated the most when other people found out that she was short of money. So she grasped Christine's purse instantly, but found no card inside it, not even a cent!

"Christine, you didn't bring any money?" Larissa raised her voice and asked.

Christine wasn't angry even after she was scolded. Even the shop assistant saw her as a sucker.

Now that Larissa took her as a cash machine, how could she allow her to take her money easily? Moreover, she would let her give her money back!

And she wanted all of her money back!

"Larissa, I'm already out of money. I took all the clothes here today to return them. I've already talked to the assistant. She said the brands are still on these clothes, so I can return them. I remember you have used my card to pay the bills. They have records here. Once they return part of my money, I'll buy you the things you want today."

Christine was aggressive and she said that in a low voice.

People around them happened to hear what she said. Most of them looked at Larissa disdainfully.

Larissa couldn't even wait to tear Christine apart, but she was guilty at the same time. She couldn't let Christine find out that she cheated her about the price every time so that she could transfer more money to her own account.

Although she didn't blame Christine that hard, she still didn't want to be looked down upon by others, "Your husband is Franklin Brook, OK? Just charge it, and then he will pay for this later. Does it sound good to you?"

Gloria opened her mouth slightly and said in aggressiveness, "My hubby said I am not allowed to use his money. But if I return these clothes, I can get all my money back. Don't you think so?"

Larissa felt guilty to be stared at by her, but when she came to her senses, Christine had already asked the shop assistant to do it.

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