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Chapter 2 Do You Want to Kill Me That Much

Word Count: 727    |    Released on: 26/01/2022

In the darkness, a tall black figure walked towards her, facing the sun...

Was she dead?

"Take good care of Mrs. Brook. Don't let her run out!"

Christian seemed to hear Franklin's voice, so she sat up from the soft mattress immediately.

She moved so fast that the pain on her lower body made her gasp for air immediately.

Raising her eyes, she found the man in front of her was gloomy. His cold gaze toward her was so pressing.

"Franklin Brook, am I still alive?"

Was there a Franklin in heaven as well?

"You failed to kill me, so you want to commit suicide?"

Christine was startled. She focused her eyes on Franklin as her eyes went red all of a sudden, getting up and rushing towards him.

The man watched her movements, and bloodthirsty anger appeared on his cold face. Before Christine could touch him, his big hand squeezed her jaw.

"What? You are so desperate to kill me?"

The pain on her jaw sobered her up all of a sudden. Besides, what Franklin had just said was quite familiar.

Wait! All those furniture and decorations, the marks on her body, and the broken wedding photo frame.

Christine lost her heartbeat for a minute!

Was this Frank's Villa?

Wasn't she dead? Why was she here?

Christine remained silent for a few seconds and reached out to touch his face. He looked a bit haggard with cyan stubble on his chin, but much younger, and his face was still warm. It was definitely the next day after Franklin raped her five years ago.

She was 20 and Franklin was 27 this year!

"What a pity that I'm still alive, and we've already applied for our marriage certificate. Christine Stock, you won't be able to marry Martin Jones, not in this life!"

Yes, that was exactly how he had put it!

In her previous life, Christine escaped her marriage with Franklin the day before their wedding. When he found her in the end, she humiliated him in front of the media, disgraced him, and made it a lifelong stain for him.

Therefore, after he got her back to Frank's Villa, he raped her regardless of her will and pulled her to apply for the marriage certificate.

Because of this, she stabbed Frank after she woke up. Frank's arm got hurt, so he said the above to her, which iced their relationship.

But after her experience in the previous life, she had known all the facts. Now she only wanted to praise him that he was awesome to be so bossy.

But she couldn't even speak since Franklin squeezed her chin, so she patted his hand to let her go.

His eyes narrowed as he saw her feeling uncomfortable. Finally, he loosened his hand.

"Christine, you asked for this!"

Franklin left after he said that. Christine looked at his back, finding her chin was too painful that she couldn't even make a sound. She also wanted to get out of bed and stop him, but she was naked, and her limbs were too sore to gather her strength.


Christine had a long rest in the room and finally regained her strength.

But when she saw herself in the mirror of the bathroom, she almost screamed for her ugly appearance. She saw very dark shadows under her eyes and dense measles all over her rough skin.

In the previous life, in order to force Franklin to break off their engagement, she deliberately ate a pound of mangoes and made herself allergic before she went to see him. Christine thought that he would quit if he saw her like this, but Frank didn't despise her at all and even sent her to the hospital for treatment. She was out of choice at that time. Plus Gloria incited her at the same time, so she eloped with Martin Jones in the end.

But she hadn't recovered from her allergy yet yesterday, how did Frank bear this and even sleep with her?!

A sweet voice sounded outside the door as she was washing her face, "Chris, are you prepared?"

Gloria pushed the door open and saw the marks on Christine's body. She squealed, "You slept with Frank?"

Hearing her voice, Christine turned to look at her. Her heart got cold at this time.

"Gloria Stock, I'm back from hell." She thought.

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