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img img Romance img Restart to Marry Him
Restart to Marry Him

Restart to Marry Him

img Romance
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"Because of her stepsister’s tricks, Christine Stock had hated her husband, Franklin Brook, for so long. Whenever her husband tried to get close to her, she felt like being teased by a bastard. It’s not until almost the last moment of her life that she suddenly realized that her husband was the only person who loved her truly and sincerely in the world. She was so regretful about what she did to her husband, but she had left her husband alone. Fortunately, she got a chance to restart her love. At a business banquet, she met her husband Franklin again. Franklin, who is the CEO of a large company, is still handsome, gentle and humorous as he used to be. Immediately she saw him, Christian made a decision to win him well as her title of Mrs Brook."

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