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Restart to Marry Him

Restart to Marry Him

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"Because of her stepsister’s tricks, Christine Stock had hated her husband, Franklin Brook, for so long. Whenever her husband tried to get close to her, she felt like being teased by a bastard. It’s not until almost the last moment of her life that she suddenly realized that her husband was the only person who loved her truly and sincerely in the world. She was so regretful about what she did to her husband, but she had left her husband alone. Fortunately, she got a chance to restart her love. At a business banquet, she met her husband Franklin again. Franklin, who is the CEO of a large company, is still handsome, gentle and humorous as he used to be. Immediately she saw him, Christian made a decision to win him well as her title of Mrs Brook."

Chapter 1 Reborn


Heavy thunder and dazzling lightning enveloped City H.

In the Prison of City H, boundless darkness was pouring towards a woman in the corner.

Christine Stock was in a prison uniform, curled up on the ground, and trembled.

As she made a fist to hold her waist, the familiar pain swept over her, and her pale face was covered with sweat.

This was the sequela after she donated her kidney to Martin Jones a year ago, but this time the pain seemed to be more severe than ever.

Probably her condition was so bad that her inmate told the jailor about this. Until then the heavy iron gate was pushed open.

"Christine, what's wrong with you?!"

"It seems like she is in need of drugs again. Hurry up and send her away!"

Christian didn't hear clearly what they were saying. She only sensed in a daze that there were two people carrying her to a place she didn't know. Then when she woke up with the cold bed on her back, her limbs were firmly tied to the bed.

A dazzling light came into her view. She thought she was dragged to a small black room for rehabilitation again, but when she raised her neck, she saw two strange men approaching her with knives. She couldn't help changing her face.

"What do you want to do?!"

"I didn't use drugs. I didn't!"

She wanted to retreat, but she was forced to stay still.

"We don't have the final say about that. You won't live long since you have killed Franklin Brook anyway." The man picked up an inferior scalpel, split her prison uniform, and spat, "Mrs. Jones said that she wanted the kidney you left, and then they can transplant it on Mr. Jones!"

Christine could feel her blood freeze. Sensing the scalpel sticking to her belly, she shouted desperately, "No! I've already been cheated by him and given one of my kidneys to him, what more does he want?!"


She was slapped hard and fiercely. Blood streaked down from the corners of her lips, and her head tilted as she panted weakly.

"It was you who signed the body donation book on your own initiative. Christine, you are already dead! So it doesn't matter if you are willing to do that now!" The man directly slashed her thin waist with only ribs, and ordered to the assistant beside him, "Cover her mouth and don't let her sound out!"

A strong smell of blood filled the whole small black room in an instant, and scarlet blood ran down along the bed...

Christine's mouth was covered with a strong force. Without the anesthetic, she could feel clearly that the scalpel was digging her kidney away. It was so painful that she almost suffocated. With sweat and tears covering her face, she closed her eyes in despair.

Suddenly, the sound of neat leather shoes sounded outside the door, followed by a familiar low voice of a man.

"I'm not dead yet. Christian is not guilty of deliberate homicide. I'm taking her home now!"

Christian was suddenly short of breath. She wide-opened her eyes and looked eagerly towards the door in a daze.

It was Franklin!

He was still alive!

For three years, she hadn't heard his voice!

Gloria Stock first incited her to use drugs, and then assassinated Franklin. Thanks to her, he became a vegetable in the end. Since her family abandoned her in jail, she had never seen him again.

At this moment, she had a feeling that the pain all over her body was not as great as the faint twitching pain of her heart, as if it was pulled out alive and then thrown into a meat grinder.

It hurt!

"Mr. Brook, Christine couldn't bear her drug addiction problem and committed suicide."

"...Frank, don't be sad. I'll be by your side from now on."

A soft and sweet voice sounded in her ear. It was Gloria Stock!

Suddenly, Christian regained her hope and gritted her teeth, struggling with all her strength. She didn't want to die yet, but still wanted him to take her home, and was eager to say 'I'm sorry' to him face to face.

She suffered great pain on her body and her consciousness gradually blurred. But she still murmured Franklin's name!

She hadn't heard him say he 'loved her'.

She really didn't want to die!

She wanted to go home with Franklin!

There were regretful tears pouring from her eyes...

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