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Chapter 3 Your Legs Will Be Broken if You Get Close to Mrs. Brook Again

Word Count: 861    |    Released on: 26/01/2022

Gloria found it uncomfortable to be stared at by her. On second thought, she said worriedly, "Chris, Frank is really a scheming man. He won't let you go. Before he comes back, you should run away immediately. I've called Martin, and he'll be here soon to pick you up!"

Listening to her caring words, Christine sneered deeper. She was deceived by her sincere performance in her previous life, and she had never thought about how unreasonable what Gloria said was.

Christine pretended that she had no idea about what was going on, "Gloria, I'm already Mrs. Brook right now. If I elope with Martin, won't I embarrass our Stocks Family?"

"I'll help you deal with our parents. Just stick to my plan and follow me!" Gloria gnashed and her eyes turned red as she heard "Mrs. Brook", so she didn't even notice that Christine took the Stocks Family into consideration for the first time.

Christine found it funny to see her hold her anger back and have nowhere to vent.

Putting on her clothes, she followed Gloria to the backyard of the villa.

There was a gap between the doors, which was supposed to be closed.

A man who was familiar to her stood there. It was Martin Jones!

Christine's expression turned cold. Just like her previous life, she got on the car and almost died in a car accident.

At that time, Frank hit their car with his, so the brake barely worked and she was saved thanks to that!

She used to believe that Frank did that to kill her. But now she only thought her husband was so cool!

Gloria pushed her, "Chris, I know you like Martin, so I asked him specially to take you away!"

Christine raised her brow and looked back at Gloria, "Gloria, I'd better stay. If Frank comes back and finds I am gone, our family will be implicated because of me. You should get in the car and leave before he comes back!"

Gloria was stunned. How could Christine stay without performing her well-designed plan?

Under Gloria's instruction, Martin grasped Christine's wrist tightly. Regardless of her will, he dragged her out directly.

At this time, a tall and charming figure suddenly appeared in front of the door. His eagle-like sharp eyes stared at their entangled wrists. His eyes gradually darkened. A storm was on its way.

Christine saw that the man set his mouth in a grim line, knowing that he was about to lose his temper!

Originally, she was afraid of his anger, but now she only felt inexplicably happy!

Because she knew that he had her in his heart, her heartbeat went faster, and her lips couldn't help raising, forming a bright smile.

She got rid of Martin's hand with great strength and lunged at the man. Her face was aflame.

His familiar scent made her feel safe. She even had a sense of belonging.

"Hubby, you are finally back. Help!"

"Martin is so shameless! He forced me to elope with him!"

"I've already told him that I didn't like him, but he was impudent to pull me!"

Martin and Gloria went dumb!

A fierce gaze flashed through Martin's eyes. He cursed inwardly that Christine was such a bitchy liar!

Gloria, however, stared at her back brain, which was buried in Frank's chest, and almost shot her with her gaze!

Franklin looked at her silently, wondering if he should believe her.

But he still held her waist tightly.

Her waist was soft and slender, which reminded Frank of their romance last night. He felt as if a hot flow was running through his lower abdomen, and his throat unconsciously rolling.

Christine signed helplessly, knowing that it was reasonable that he didn't believe her. After all, she had had many disgraceful scandals and made a lot of lies before.

"Christine Stock, don't talk nonsense! It was you who begged me to take you away! Mr. Brook, don't be fooled by her!"

Hearing the way Martin said that, Christine turned her head to him and stared at him contemptuously.

"Are you as handsome as my husband?"

"Are you as rich as him?"

"You are nothing like my husband. Why would I choose you over him?!"

Christine buried her head into his arms again, crying, "Hubby, see? He not only brings shame to himself but slanders me as well! I am Mrs. Brook. Slandering me is the same as ruining your reputation. You should uphold justice for me!"

Martin almost vomited blood upon hearing this. But since Franklin was there, he dared not vent his anger but stared at Christine with hatred.

Franklin lowered his head to look at Christine.

He knew she was lying. She wasn't crying.

But seeing her petting, he couldn't help spoiling her.

"Get them out of here. If they dare approach Mrs. Brook again, don't hesitate to break their legs!"

"Nick, tell the Jones, if they couldn't discipline their son, the Brooks doesn't mind doing them a favor!"

Cold sweat covered Martin's body. But before he could explain, he was thrown out of the villa.

Gloria trembled for a second. She had a feeling that something went wrong!

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