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Chapter 9 Turning Out to Be a Scheming Wolf

Word Count: 1513    |    Released on: 26/01/2022

He rolled his Adam's apple and looked away.

He couldn't look at her anymore, or he would have to take a cold water shower again.

Suddenly, the phone on his bedside interrupted his thoughts. He frowned first, and then picked up the phone, put on the blue silk pajamas, and walked to the study.

"What's the matter?"

He asked.

"Frank, your wife's lover had an accident on his way to elope. Do you need me to investigate it for you?" The man teased on the phone.

Franklin clenched his fists and lit a cigarette with bloodthirsty hostility all over his body.

Until the blue smoke filled the entire study, the man squeezed a word from his throat, "Yes!"

Anyone dared hurt his wife could never be alive in City H.

"OK, I'm on it." Then the man seemed to have thought of something, sneered, and said, "Frank, if your wife knows about this, do you think she will make you a cuckold again? I really wonder why a shrewd person like you can't even restrain a woman. Why don't you come to my Paradise of Happiness, and I'll get you some girls, so you don't have to waste your time on Christine?"

Johnny Lewis was a brother to Franklin. They had gone through the hardest time together and could trust each other with their lives. So he had also witnessed how bumpy Franklin's love road was.

Especially the one Franklin was after was Christine, the girl who was unworthy of his love!

She brought shame on Franklin at their wedding yesterday and even wanted to kill him. He and other friends of Franklin almost jointly killed Christine. If Franklin hadn't stopped them, Christine would have dead miserably!

Franklin opened the window, leaned against the railing, and let the cold wind flow into his neckline. The shabby hair on his forehead covered deep coldness in his eyes.

"She's good."

"It would be good if that's true. Who knows what she is planning behind you?" Johnny warned him out of concern.

Franklin thought for a while, "She's good, and I'll be watching her."

Then he hung up the phone.

Hearing the ending sound on the phone, Johnny laughed out of anger and kicked the glass end table beside him into pieces.

He'd stick up for her whenever anyone said anything bad about her.

The fact was, Franklin was indeed such a man.

It was said that the new big figure in City H was cold, ruthless, and cruel. And he never left any space when he dealt with things. But anyone who knew him was well aware that he was extremely protective, especially when it came to his wife!

Franklin half squinted his eyes. When there were a few cigarette ends at his feet, he still couldn't calm down. It suddenly occurred to him that Christine played with his phone before. So he checked on the browsing history and found the questions she searched. He sneered.

Quitting for good?

Closing his eyes, he shut the glass door open and then called.

"President Brook."

Wilson Wood was quite nervous to get the call from his boss when he was asleep.

"Wilson, go check the link I sent to you and change all the answers into 'being needy until he was finally tired of you'. Delete all the rest comments. I don't want to see any of them tomorrow morning!"

Wilson worked on his computer as he heard that. Seeing the question on the browse, he couldn't even believe his eye. It was obvious that Mrs. Brook had once again pissed President Brook off.

However, he didn't dare to say anything but changed the answer as he was ordered.

He always felt that the president became suspicious after he got married. He was completely a 'disgruntled woman' to be exact.

But he dared not say that. After all, if the boss knew about this, he would be de-skinned.

After Franklin hung up the phone, he took out the marriage certificate from the drawer and stared at it silently. The cigarette ignited sparks at the end of his fingertips, lining up like a line.

The night passed.

It was not until dawn that Franklin took a cold bath and walked back to the master bedroom.

The one in the bed curled herself up. Her posture was self-defensive, as if she had used to the restless action.

He put his hand on her cheek.

The one who was sleeping uneasily in the bed seemed to sense his familiar scent, and got to him as she stopped frowning gradually.

Franklin signed helplessly, held her in his arms, and closed his eyes.


The next morning, since Franklin held her cuddly during the sleep, she didn't wake up until 9 o'clock.

When she opened her eyes, the man was already nowhere to see. He might have gone to work.

Christine tit-toed in front of the wardrobe and picked out a set of white dress, which was perfectly fit.

Then she smiled as she saw a pile of non-mainstream, old-fashioned clothes hanging in the corner.

It was Gloria who took her to buy these clothes. Also, her best friend, Larissa Green, was part of this. If the two of them hadn't echoed each other, how could she have been fooled around?

Christine felt speechless to see these clothes, so she called the butler to dispose of all this "disgraceful history" first, and then moved all of Franklin's stuff back to the master room.

Before her rebirth, she had never expected to live with him, so she smashed a lot of things. But now she moved all of them back as they should have been put in the room.

The butler stopped her when he saw her moving the stuff in person, "Mrs. Brook, you can leave this to us."

"That's okay. I want to organize his things by myself." Christine had a sweet smile on her face.

The butler was happy to see their relationship was getting better.

"Mrs. Brook, your face is allergic. Do you need me to call the family doctor here?"

Girls all preferred beauty, Christine was no exception.

She wanted Franklin to see her the best way she could be.

Christine nodded. They were busy dealing with the stuff for several hours. Once they finished, there was somebody who came to find Christine.

When the servant led Larissa in, her eyes were full of envy and jealousy when she saw the decent luxurious Frank's Villa.

When she saw with her own eyes that Christine's face was almost disfigured, just like how Gloria had told her, she said to Christine excitingly, "Chris, why is your face allergic like this? I bring you some salve."

"Do you really?" Seeing the arm around hers, Christine pushed her arm aside casually. She took a look at the salve, "I thought what happened yesterday was blocked by the media. How did you learn this, Larissa?"

Larissa didn't know how to explain. What had happened yesterday was such explosive news that almost everyone knew.

Christine lowered her head, took over the salve, and gently stroked on the pack.

Larissa was not a professional doctor. She still remembered that the salve was made by her and Gloria. They made this to her, which finally embarrassed her in the family feast of the Brook Family, and she was almost forced to divorce. At that time, she even thanked them for their brilliant idea.

But now, she only wanted to see the two of them disfigured!

Noticing that Christine didn't answer, Larissa changed the topic, "Chris, I know you don't want to marry Franklin. Don't be upset. We can do some shopping later to ease your mind. I know there are some new products offering in the counters."

Christine raised her lips. Larissa liked to go shopping with her the most.

The reason was quite simple. Christine was a very simple-minded girl. So, Larissa only needed to coax her for a while, and then Christine would be her cash machine. Once they were done, she could just kick her away.

"Chris, are you alright? Let me apply the salve for you. I made it for you specially. Not only can it beauty and nourish your face, make sure your skin is as smooth as before, but also Martin would not be able to take his eyes off you," Larissa said it with concern, but Christine knew that she just wanted her to be disfigured as soon as possible.

Her eyes flashed away from her paws, and the bottom of her eyes revealed a kind of evil.

She took the salve from Larissa's hand, dug out a lot of it, and wiped it on Larissa's face as she laughed heartlessly, "We are good sisters, so we should be beautiful together!"

Larissa had no time to avoid her, so her face was almost covered with the salve. She screamed.

"Chris, what are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing?" Christine asked coldly.

Didn't she see that Christine wanted to kill her?

She wouldn't let any of them go.

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