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Chapter 11 Wishing Him Could Die Soon!
Words Count: 1784    |    Released on:26/01/2022

The shop assistant had never seen anyone return their goods before. But since they could not afford to offend Christine because she was Mrs. Brook, they returned all the money to her, "Miss, it's a total of 3.87 million yuan."

"3.87 million yuan? Did you make a mistake? I had 5 million in it before, but after Larissa paid the bill, I got nothing left. Where is the rest? That's a total of more than 1 million yuan."

The assistant was afraid of being framed, so she tried to explain. But Larissa didn't give her the chance. She slapped the assistant, "How dare you raise the price and then sell it to me? I have spent 1 million more to buy your clothes!"

"Mrs. Brook, we didn't. It's all on the record." The seller almost cried.

Seeing Larissa guilty, Christine asked her in a good mood, "Larissa, why are you so excited? We have your shopping record in the shop. I can definitely take the rest back. If anyone dares to steal my money, I won't make it easy for her. I'm calling my husband now, and I'll tell him to kill the one who did this!"

Larissa stopped Christine hastily, "That's just 1 million yuan? Are you short of such a small amount of money?"

"Yes, of course!" Seeing the paparazzi near them, Christine lowered her voice and said to her secretly, "You know my situation. If I am kicked out by the Brook Family one day, I'll be short of money by then. So I need the money to date with Martin secretly."

Larissa's eyes lit up when she heard this.

If the paparazzi could take the photos that Christine went to see Martin who had an accident, and Christine got divorced afterwards, she could get 10 million yuan and a villa from Gloria.

So she clenched her fists, gnashed, and transferred the money back to Christine's account when she was about to investigate this.

Hearing the prompt message, Christine raised her lips. Although that was just the tip of the iceberg, she could take her time to get back what was hers.

"Chris!" After Larissa transferred the money, she ran toward Christine unsteadily with a sad face, "Martin had a car accident and he is hospitalized at the Central Hospital of City H. Let's hurry up and see him there."

Christine frowned. Why wasn't he dead in the accident?

But she still remembered that she was badly injured in her previous life, and she even went to see Martin secretly. At that time, she got caught by the media gathered by Larissa, and they gossiped her as the one who had an affair and got caught in bed. Because of that picture they took, she became the most notorious woman in City H.

As a result, after Franklin took good care of her and she finally recovered, he tortured her on the bed for a total of three days.

But thinking about it right now only made Christine feel that she was such an idiot.

When she was pulled out by Larissa and drove to see Martin, they got a long line of cars behind them. The paparazzi and the bodyguards were both involved.

When they arrived at the hospital, Larissa couldn't even wait to vent her anger on Christine immediately. After all, she was insulted just now. Along their way, she pulled Christine's wrist. Anyone could tell that Christine was unwilling to go with her, and she was forced to go there.

When the bodyguards learnt Christine's whereabouts, they sent Franklin the information and address instantly.

Franklin was talking about the development of the new industry with Mason, but he got an emergency call from the bodyguard.

Mason dared not tease Franklin this time, because he was well aware that Franklin loved his wife no matter what she had done to him. And he even could abandon his brothers for his wife if necessary.

"Say it!"

"...She goes to the hospital to see Martin." The bodyguard's voice was low as a mosquito compared to Franklin's powerful aura.

"If Martin dares to touch her, make him disabled!" Franklin picked his black wind coat, striding out with anger.

Mason got up hastily, "Frank, where are you going?"

"The hospital."

And caught his wife.

"Chris, Chris, Chris." Franklin called her name inwardly, "You'd better not betray me again. If so, I'm afraid that I couldn't control myself to break your legs and tie you to the bed. And I'll make you cry by then."

"I can send you there. I'm a professional racer, and I can promise to get you there to catch Christine within ten minutes." Mason almost got mad. He knew it was Christine again. Was this woman a demon in her previous life? Why was she always factitious?

Mason was a great racer. Driving his Maserati, he almost flew out of the garage.

Maybe Christine had sensed what Franklin was doing. When Larissa pushed her to open the door, she sneezed twice and then rubbed her nose.

She thought to herself there must a bitch who was scolding her behind her back.

Martin was lying in bed. When he saw Christine at the door, he had a contemptuous look on his face. But he thought that Gloria had agreed his request, so he forced himself to say, "Christine, you can serve me by my side."

He said it so arrogantly, as if Christine deserved to serve people.

Larissa beckoned him and then took out her phone to send messages to the paparazzi, saying "Franklin Brook's wife had an affair with Martin Jones, and they performed sexual scenes together". Then she asked them to wait at the door to take photos, but what they would take would definitely be explosive.

Christine stopped Larissa from closing the door. She used the silk scarf to cover half of her allergic face, and only exposed her eyes, which were now as sweet as there might be sweet poison inside.

Seeing the journalists rushing over, she pushed the door open generously.

She wanted to take this chance to cut off her relationship with Martin Jones. Otherwise, the media would always publish news about her chasing after Martin Jones.

It not only made her sick but also embarrassed her husband.

She should take anything about Franklin seriously!

"Serve you? Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Christine, what are you talking about?!"

"Are you deaf or blind to see how much you disgusted me? Even if you want to chase me through such a poor trick like committing suicide, I still disdain to take a look at you! I have my husband already!" Christine showed her diamond ring especially so that the media could take a clear picture of that.

That was a big one!

She then turned to scold Larissa, like she felt quite pitiful. But every word she said was quite offensive, "Larissa, I always take you as my best friend, and I offered you food and clothes. Even if you took my money, I didn't even say a word to blame you. However, you know clearly that I love my husband, but you still work with this scum to lure me to the hospital. What are you up to?!"

The journalists in the dark couldn't believe their eyes. Weren't they here to catch adultery in the act? Why didn't the play follow the script?

Christine scolded with joy.

Seeing them both pissed off, Christine couldn't help wanting to drive both the scum and the bitch to hell as soon as possible.

"Chris, what are you talking about? Don't you love Martin the most?" Larissa's face was pale. She could barely stand firm at the spot.

"I can't wait to see him dead!" Christine was furious.

Martin got out of bed in rage and reached out his hands, planning to punch Christine in her neck, "Christine Stock, I'm gonna kill you first!"

Seeing Martin taking actions, the bodyguard was about to help. But before he rushed over, he saw Christine raising her leg, aiming at the specific spot and kicking hard.

Her action was so smooth, natural, and simply fast, which made the bodyguard stop his pace.

Mrs. Brook was quite tough and impressive!

Since many people bullied Christine in prison, she was forced to learn some tricks. It was just a piece of cake for her to deal with a bastard like Martin.

She kicked him with her high-heel. Martin rolled on the ground in pain. His front teeth were cut in half, while he covered the spot between his legs and cried out.

"Christine Stock!"

A loud scream sounded, and then a woman ran toward Christine.

Christine glanced at the person and found it was Mrs. Jones. She looked at her as if she was her biggest enemy.

She would never forget how this woman had tricked her into getting on the operating table and how many bad things she had done by using her!

"Bitch, how dare you beat my son?"

Before Mrs. Jones could slap Christine, there was a slapping sound in the air.


Christine held Mrs. Jones's wrist with one hand and tried her best to slap her with the other hand. Even her palm was numb after she did that.

She didn't care who her opponents were. As long as they had hurt her in her previous life, they would have to pay her in this life! Because they owed her that!

Mrs. Jones was over her fifties. Her head titled, her brain roaring, and her face swelling up fast in burning pain.

But in the next second, Christine said something more irritating, "I dare beat him, and you as well. What could you do to me? Martin is so shameful to entangle with me, just like how you entangled with Uncle Jones many years ago. Does everyone in the Jones Family prefer to rob things and people that don't belong to you?"

Mrs. Jones was a homewrecker and got married afterwards. It was a secret all this time. But now, Christine just told it out in public. Mrs. Jones's nerves went broken. Seeing the journalists taking photos not far, she lunged for Christine like she had gone mad.

Christine got no time to hide, so she was prepared to be pushed down and get hurt. With such a cost, she could ruin their reputations so that they wouldn't insult Franklin like moths in the future.

But before Mrs. Jones grasped her clothes, her waist was held by a powerful arm, her back clinging to a burning chest. Her eyes were covered by a hand, and then she heard a scream echoing in the whole corridor.

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