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The Substitute Wife

The Substitute Wife

img Romance
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Winter Josh is a kind and warmhearted girl who had engaged to Etan Lloyd when she was a child. However, her step-sister, who was jealous of her position, appearance, and personality, wanted to take her place to marry Etan Lloyd when she met the handsome and powerful man. And so that’s what she did. Unexpectedly, Etan Lloyd, who used to be an arrogant, proud, and heartless CEO, was seriously crippled in a car accident and left wheelchair-bound. This made Winter Josh’s stepsister lose her mind,she immediately broke the engagement and forced Winter Josh to marry the disabled CEO instead of her. Winter Josh had no choice but to obey, and she determined to cure her husband as possible as she can. But to her surprise, her husband, who had been confined to a wheelchair for a long time, was never crippled! Instead, he is even healthier, stronger, and more powerful than before. Since then a new love story begins...

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