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Chapter 58 No.58
Word Count: 1132    |    Released on: 13/01/2023

Amber's POV

Lewis goes downstairs.

I hear Lewis open the door and Colten howl as soon as he gets in.

At first, I thought I was safe here in the closet. After all, Colten comes here just to see Lewis. Things won't get nasty so long as he can't see me. But soon, I hear Colten ask, "Where's Amber?"


He's here to see me?

But why does he know I'm here? Didn't I tell him that I'm going out with Nola? Normally, he wouldn't doubt me once I gave him an excuse. What's wrong this time?

I have no choice but to text Nola immediately to figure things out. "Hey, girl, did you tell Colten I'm not with you? Didn't I tell you to cover me up?"

Shortly afterward, Nola's text comes in."I wanted to help. But Colten ran into me in the street with Jessie. He went straight to me and asked me why I wasn't with you. And Jessie blurted out that I was with her only tonight."

Oh, no.

I'm dead meat now.

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