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Chapter 56 No.56
Word Count: 1483    |    Released on: 13/01/2023

Lewis's POV

"Put me down! It's scary!"

I blurt out, but Lewis doesn't listen to me.

"How can I put you down?! Once I do that, you're gonna flee, aren't you?" he says with a simper and spanks me in the passing. But I'm not an obedient doll. Not even close. "Don't lift me up abruptly! I nearly lost my balance!" I huff while struggling to get down on my feet. "No need to worry. I won't let you fall as long as I'm here," he retorts causally and doesn't hesitate to give me another spank.

Suddenly, he grins in pain when the banisters aside touches his wounded hand by accident ."Watch your hand!" I shout. "Put me down right now! I don't want your hand to bleed again. Besides, how can you hold me still just with a single hand?" I argue. Lewis talks back. "Are you kidding? I can not only hold you with a hand but also do a hell lot of things. Do you believe it?"

I chuckle at how he boasts. I reply in brutal honesty, "I don't believe a single syllable you pronounce... "Before I finish my words, he pinches my thigh viciously.

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