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Chapter 46 No.46
Word Count: 1413    |    Released on: 13/01/2023

Lewis's POV

"What ... what are you doing here?"

Amber turns to look at me in panic when I pull that guy away and pull her into my arms. But soon, something seems to occur to her and she looks away in sulk. Meanwhile, she struggles to free herself from my embrace.

I hate it when she wants to get away from me like this.

I can't help but seize her shoulders instead and blurt out, "I was so worried about you and then I chased you here. Why did you run away suddenly? You scared everyone. And why are you here with this guy? Do you even know him? Is he trying to take advantage of you?"

She stays silent and keeps staring at the ground. Still not looking at me. After I calm down a little, I realize I've gone too far. She completely ignores my question. I shouldn't bombard her with all those questions. Yet, my brain seems to have gone out of control and my mouth just won't stop moving. Soon, I don't even know what I'm talking about.

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