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Chapter 4 No.4
Words Count: 1149    |    Released on:08/10/2022

Lewis's POV

She's so cunning, playing hard-to-get. This is exactly what she wants. She wants me to kiss her. But I can't complain. Her little trick works too well on me. I like rebellious souls.

It adds much more fun when I finally conquer them.

"I bet you'll like it." I breathe to her ears. Then I feel how she shudders in my embrace. Out of excitement, I'm sure.

I located her chin with ease, since I could feel it right against my chest. I use one hand to get her into the perfect angle to kiss. I know what she's expecting, of course. I tricked her into expecting that.

But I'm rebellious too. I'm not going to kiss that place in a haste.

I release the other hand from her waist. She won't run away now, obviously. I let my fingers wander to her neck and my nose follows them. I nuzzle her as softly as I can. She's not wearing any perfume, but she smells good, like a aroused kitten. Gradually, I sense her body leaning against me grows less tense. That's what I want.

I begin to kiss all over her neck fiercely.

She's surprised by my sudden attack, but I know she enjoys every second of it. For she's now tipping her neck willingly, inviting me to cover more places. I took the invitation and plant much more bruises on her neck. Her breathing keeps accelerating and accelerating. And she drags my shirt crazily like planning to tear it apart. Everything shows that she's new to the game. Shy, sensitive, responsive...


But I'm impressed by such a beginner. She tastes like heaven. Even if I'm just sucking her neck, it arouses me much quicker than bunches of lips. And her body is perfect to hold, feeling all so delicate and her skin feels smooth as milk. I love how her plump bosom is pressed against me, just like she's eager to melt with me and I can have her completely.

Yet, it's not an excuse to postpone the main course.

It's time to move to the part matters the most. I hold the back of her head and adjust it back to the right angle. She stops clinging to my shirt but raises her hand to touch my chest when I do that, as if begging to continue the previous step. However, soon her fingers start to caress my pecs and abs avidly.

Cause I'm now kissing her.

The moment our lips touch, electricity seems to run all through my body, activating all my senses. All that in my head is ... fireworks. Sparkling in my mind and lighting up this dark room as if it were in broad daylight.

This is the very first time I've felt like this.

Her lips taste even better than her extraordinary neck. Soft, juicy, luscious. I like that. I kinda wonder if her lips are built for kissing mine, for they match perfectly. I dive my fingers deeply into her hair and press our lips much harder together. Her mouth opens slightly at first, but with the invading of my tongue, she gradually has her wall removed and lets me in. As a reward, I give one of her round hips a little spank. "Good girl." I praise her. When I return to kiss her lips, I can feel her lips tremble. And her ears are extremely hot when I brush over them.

How adorable.

I devour her lips even more crazily and my tongue goes deeper and deeper into her mouth. She protests with her flexible tongue. But most of time I'm the winner. In the end, she's too immersed in the kiss that she forgets all about the competition.

But I'm thinking about something more. "I want you," I murmur as I nibble her lower lip. She manages to catch the break of the fierce kiss and replies out of breath, "What are you saying? You don't even know who I am."

"So you're going to tell me?" I put my arms around her hips and ask during the interval. But she isn't fooled by my kiss this time. "Nope," she rebuffs.

"It doesn't matter then. We can save the introduction for later." My hands wander to her back and found the hidden zipper of her dress before she notices. "After we finish," I whisper while unzipping her little dress.

She's startled when she finally realizes what I'm doing. But I distract her with my kisses on her back. Her skin is smooth like velvet, slightly vibrating to my caressing of lips.

"Will it hurt?" After quite a while, she asks timidly. I turn her around to reward her a kiss on the lips. "It might. But I promise I'll be gentle." Then I caress her shoulders affectionately. "I'll try my best not to bring you pain."

She seizes my hands suddenly. Just when I'm waiting for what she's got to say, someone knocks on the door.

Knocking and knocking.

"Who locks the door? Whoever you are, don't mess around in my room! It's not allowed!"a girl is yelling outside the door. So this room is hers. This is embarrassing.

"Coming out in a minute," I blurt out. I just want her to go away. After about 5 minutes, I hear she walk away. I'm in relief and want to continue, but the girl is squeezing my hands. She seems petrified. I can feel her hands wet from sweat.

"She's gone now. Everything is alright." I hug her tightly and kiss her on her head. She feels delicate like a newborn baby in my arms.

She says nothing when I continue to undress her. With a final pull, her dress is on the ground. To my surprise, she's going all vacant inside. I'm thrilled. I reach for her alluring tits and give them the best massage I've ever done. They're too large to hold with my both hands, and when I suck on them, they take me to heaven. I could literally die right now with no regret.

No. Not yet. I don't want to die now. I got better things waiting for me.

I squeeze her boobs while moving my mouth to hers. But this time she blocks my mouth with her palm. "I'm ... I'm not sure about it," she murmurs, out of breath. Then she tears my hand from her boobs. I hear she picking up her dress from the floor.

God. No! She's leaving.

"You're so cruel," I complain. I thought she wants it too a minute ago. Now she's saying no. That's confusing. Yet, I won't push her into anything just because I want it.

But please don't leave so soon.

I pin her hands to the closet behind when she's pushing me away and rub my angry dick between her thighs.

"Don't you think you should take some responsibility?"

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