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Chapter 11 No.11
Words Count: 1019    |    Released on:08/10/2022

Amber's POV

Damn it! It's Colten!

"Aren't you tutoring my sister here? Why are you all naked? Where did you hide my sister?"

I hear Colten roaring outside the bathroom and shooting out all those bullet-like questions.

And he's getting more and more emotional. I can tell.

I step out of the tub and cover myself in a bath towel. Water drips down my wet hair and tickles my neck. But I have no time to worry about that. I hurry to open the door, only to see Colten grabbing Lewis's collars in rages, about to start a fight. What is Colten doing? Things have already been this nasty?

What matters now is to stop Colten.

Otherwise, things might get even nastier.

I yell at the top of my lungs, "Colten! Stop it! I'm here."

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