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Chapter 16 No.16
Words Count: 1108    |    Released on:08/10/2022

Lewis's POV

When Amber runs out of the door, all at once, my brain goes blank. This is not what I expected. I was about to confess my love to her. To tell her all the truth. How I miss her. How glad I am to have her back...

But she ran away from me.

I've never felt so helpless in my entire life.

Later, it hits me that I should go chase her. I hurry to get off the bed. But when I want to dash, I feel my hand is dragged from behind. I turn around in confusion, only to find the equipment of intravenous dripping hanging above my bedpost. When I wanna get the needle inside my vein out, a nurse spots this and rushes to me trying to stop me. And the nurse yells for help.

Before I realize it, the scene gets chaotic.

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