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Chapter 37 No.37
Word Count: 1158    |    Released on: 08/10/2022

Lewis's POV

She's shivering.

I'm sure of it. She's shivering all over. It can't be more obvious. Once I kiss the area below her collarbones and above her breast, her body is shaking.

Wait... Does it mean...

I've found a new sensitive spot in her?

To test this theory, my lips brush across that spot again. And again, her whole body trembles. I look at her in thrill. Now that I've known exactly the most sensitive spot in her body, I'm gonna take good care of it.

And maybe make good use of it.

I hold her body tightly while she's still resisting my touch. But all her efforts are in vain. Every time I attack that spot, she just grabs my body for support and shudders uncontrollably. Every single time. And as the effect fades away, she would be in a daze and stay in my arms like a lamb.

I couldn't get more aroused by this lovely look.

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