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Chapter 6 No.6

Word Count: 1130    |    Released on: 08/10/2022

Lewis's POV

In the blink of an eye.

She's gone.

I plan to rush outside and catch her, but only end up bumping into a hard wooden door that bounces back from that girl's hands. After I manage to stand on my feet and walk out of the door, she's no where to be found in this inconvenient darkness.

All those happened to me just now are like a fucking dream. But my furious dick reminds me that everything is real. Now my brain is buzzing. My whole body is still excited from kissing her smooth skin, delicious lips, and superb boobs, while my mouth is busy savoring the taste of her body.

I wait for a while, but my erection just won't go away. It feels like my cock is gonna explode the next second. I have no choice but to get behind the door and make up my mind. I have to comfort it by myself now.

My dick is throbbing when I touch it. It feels burning hot. I remember how it felt when I rubbed my thing against that girl's thighs just now. Her thighs are much cooler than my hand. That coolness made me feel safe.

On the contrary, now my overly heated palm frightens me. It's like I'm pouring a bowl of liquid iron into some much hotter lava. I'm melting due to the heat. But I can only release all my lust inside my body through the mechanical but speedy rubbing against my dick.

When pretending that she's sucking it for me all the time.

After a while, I feel a giant thrill seizes me. My whole body froze in the eruption of pleasure. Like a volcano had just explode inside my body. My brain goes all blank and my hand stops moving back and forth automatically. I'm drowning in the ocean of joy when my dick shoots out all the lava in my body.

I feel a bit cold after all the thrills. My mind grows tranquil as the tension built in me vanishes. And with my back against the door, I slump down and sit on the ground languidly.

I wish I could see how my sperm would look on that girl's face. I bet that scene would make me ejaculate again. If only I could see her face when she was here! But all I could see then was darkness. Darkness then. Darkness now. I never hate the nighttime so much like I do today. Yet, all of a sudden, something stings my eyes. I close my eyes. But I can still see arches of redness without lifting my eyelids.

The power is back on.

I look around. A typical girl's room. Pink everywhere. And when I look down, I found a patch of white liquid on the ground. That's my sperm. I don't know there's so much of it.

Obviously, it's all owe to that mysterious girl. For she was all I think about when I did that.

I clean the stains with tissues before I leave the room. I'm thirsty now and all the liquor is downstairs. So downstairs I go.

And I wonder if she's still in this house. If she is, I might catch her downstairs. The crowds are all there. If I were her, I would definitely hide myself in the crowds too.

I search the crowds eagerly for that familiar figure while walking down the stairs. But she's no where to be found. What's worse, there are too many strangers in the house. I can't even deduce who she possibly is.

Suddenly, I hear a familiar sound. I look to the direction of where it comes from, only to see Colten arguing with a girl.

Wait. That girl...

She looks like the one I'm searching for, judging from her round ass, her delicate waist, and her curvy back. But I can't be sure yet. Not until I see the other side. My favorite side.

My eyes are fixed on her when I walk closer to see her face and her boobs. Yet, the next second, it won't be necessary to identify her.

Cause I know who she is.

"Fuck no," I swear inwardly the second she turns around. "Colten's sister." Now she's staring at me passionately. But she can't be the girl. She's not even a proper prey for me.

Too young and innocent.

I ignore her gaze and walk to the girl yelling at Colten now. She's Nola. Colten told me once. She's the one holding this party tonight. So she might know who the mysterious girl is. Or at least she can tell me something useful to track the girl down.

"Hey, buddy. I need to ask your girl something," I greet Colten and pull him away from his sister. I stand between Nola and Colten.

"I'm not his girl!" Nola screams. But the fact means nothing to me.

"Anyway, do you know a girl that was upstairs about 20 minutes ago? She dropped something. I want to give it back to her." I try to be causal.

"I have no idea. The house is all dark then. Leave the thing with me. If she searches for it, I can give it to her," Nola replies.

"No need. I'll go search for her. By the way, where do you invite so many people? All from our college?" I grab a bottle from the table nearby and drink a mouthful. Colten's sister is standing behind Nola. Amber. I recall her name now.

"Pretty much. Mostly freshmen." Then Nola pulls Amber closer to us three. "Why? You want to date someone? How about Amber?" Nola says to me. Amber looks at me in panic like I'm gong to devour her. Why? I'm doing nothing scary, though she's hot in a way.

She is so weird.

"Don't set my sister up with him. He's toxic. Amber, go home now."

Colten is honest as hell all the time. Maybe too honest.

"It's so offensive." I protest. "Relax. I'm not interested in your sister." I punch Colten's chest while chuckling. "Anyway. Let your sister stay. It's a party after all."

Then I pull Colten away. My instinct tells me that Nola is about to stand up for her friend Amber. Things might get nasty if I let Colten be. I still want to drink a little before Nola gets annoyed by him and kicks us out.

But to be exact, I want to stay here because I need to find that girl. It's now or never. My eyes sweep over the crowds but end up staring at Colten's sister again. Her attracting boobs, particularly.

God. She's so distracting!

However, a crazy idea hits me when my eyes move to the red marks on her neck.

"No way..."

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