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Chapter 52 No.52
Word Count: 1255    |    Released on: 13/01/2023

Amber's POV

Lewis froze after my lips touched his lovely mouth.

He seems pretty shocked to find me kissing him. Now he just stares at me with his mouth agape. I'm kinda confused. Did I push it too hard? After all, we've just had a fight. A big one. Maybe ... I shouldn't have kissed him in such a rush... Does he find it disgusting? Or does he think I'm too horny? No!

Say something, please. It's super embarrassing!

"I'm ... sorry. If you don't like it, I won't do it again," I murmur without looking at his face, for it would be even more embarrassing that he sees my burning face. "I'm gonna go throw these bloody tissues away." I find an excuse and wanna flee. But once I stand up from the sofa, out of the blue, a strong hand grabs me from behind and pulls me toward something hard.

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