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Chapter 8 No.8
Words Count: 1161    |    Released on:08/10/2022

Amber's POV

"What do you think?"

Nola stares at me with her eyes open wide and lifts her eyebrows repeatedly.

Honestly, I never expect such a whimsical proposal. Yet, I have to act like I'm really considering it. Or Nola might find I'm weirdly uninterested in her brilliant idea.

"But what if that girl appears after I lie to Lewis?" After thinking for a while, I finally squeeze out a question.

"Don't bother worrying about that. That girl is gone now. It means that she doesn't care about Lewis at all. Or at least she doesn't want Lewis to know who she is," Nola says confidently while sipping the sherry in her glass.

The truth is that the girl ran away because she's ashamed of herself. But I won't tell Nola about this.

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