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Chapter 12 No.12
Word Count: 1417    |    Released on: 08/10/2022

Lewis's POV

She's running towards me.

Closer, closer, and closer.

The street lights are on. In the dim light, she's dashing with something heavy in one hand while the other hand is clutching something around her breast. She's moving quite slow, though she's dashing indeed.

At first, I just saw her curvy silhouette when she shouted my name. But as she's passing the street lamps one after another, her figure becomes clearer and clearer to me. It turns out she's still wearing nothing but a towel. Her dripping hair makes her neck and shoulder wet, and thus glistening in streetlight and sometimes in moonlight. Maybe that's why she's constantly holding it around her bosom. The towel is too slippery to stay where it should. She really needs that protection. Any guy seeing such a scene will get too aroused to stay calm.

I'm no exception. Of course.

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