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Chapter 9 No.9
Words Count: 1133    |    Released on:08/10/2022


That was close.

She nearly hit the dangerous triangle of her bed as I reached out to catch her. This room is pretty small. The smallest room I've ever seen. How can she places the bed so close to her desk?

"Are you alright?" I ask. She looks petrified, lying still in my arms with fingernails clawing my shoulders from behind, and her hands are clinging tightly to my shirt. I remove my hands on her back and behind her head to leave her stand on her feet.

But she doesn't move a bit and her lids are pressed together tightly.

"How long do you plan to hang on me?" I murmur. She doesn't seem to hear me. I want to tear her down from me. Yet, when my arms touch her waist, a strange feeling surges through my veins. A familiar feeling. An urge to kiss someone right now. No... To kiss the one right in front of me.

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