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Forbidden Love..

Forbidden Love..

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This is not going to work out, she murmurs in sobs. "Could you please ... just leave me alone?" "That's probably the most foolish thing to do on earth. Have some faith in me." Amber Stanton has fallen for Lewis Mosley, her tutor, but after a weird party, she would rather that she had never met Lewis. Colten Stanton, Amber's brother, also thinks the same. Lewis, on the contrary, started to feel something special. "Why did I never notice her before?" he thought. Sometimes, it only takes one look around to find the one that you've been dreaming about. Yet, it's a bit too late for Lewis to understand that...

Chapter 1 No.1

Amber's POV

I'm wandering this place alone.

But actually, I'm at my best friend Nola's party.

Here's the thing. It's a miracle that Nola and I are friends. I've never been popular or cool. Yet, she's the coolest girl in our high school. Somehow I said hi to her on the first day of school and she has been hanging out with me ever since.

However, being a friend of a cool kid doesn't make me cool that easily. I'm used to being a nerd. I come to school to study only. I guess I'm destined to be invisible.

Maybe that's why no one spoke to me since I got here. No one seems to notice me, let alone greet me. But I know most of them. We went to the same high school for like 4 years. I can't believe they don't seem to know me at all.

Just when I'm depressing, a familiar high-pitched voice shocks me.

"I said no T-shirt again!"

I turn around and find Nola glaring at me. Then she drags me upstairs before I can figure out what's happening.


"You're kidding me! I'm not gonna walk out in this!" I grab a sheet from her bed and cover my body. I can't be seen in this skimpy dress. No way!

"Don't be shy. You're here to have fun!" Nola chuckles while dragging the sheet.

Sure. The dress has beautiful golden tassels. But it's so fucking short! It can't even cover my butt! And the neckline is so low! I'm basically naked!

I'm still clinging to the sheet. But Nola won.

"Look at your boobs! God, I envy you." She sizes up my body. "Men would kill for talking to you. Mark my words."

I look down and found her dress looks much tighter on me, especially the place near my breast. I'm kinda worried that I might break this dress in public. That fragile cloth against my tits might explode any minute.

And I'm feeling sooooo uncomfortable!

I want to put on my clothes again, but Nola just steals them and runs away.

"Come get them." She challenges me while laughing.

I won't jump into her trap. I just peek through the door with my eyes fixed on her.

Only then can I observe her stunning look. She can make everything she wears chic. That violet strapless dress now as well. But I can't. No matter what I wear, everyone would just notice how big my boobs are.

It's kinda frustrating, to be honest.

I wish others could see me as a beautiful girl more than "a girl with great tits."

Nola is different. Everyone praises her for her good taste and sense of fashion. She's the one that others truly admire, though her boobs are not as large as mine.

Soon I see someone that brings me back to reality. My brother Colten.

He's a sophomore now in the college. Nola and I are freshmen. Actually, Nola didn't invite him to this party, but he sneaks in. He tried to bribe me to bring him. I refused. I know Nola doesn't want to turn him down time after time. She's too kind for that.

"Are you coming with me or not?" Nola comes back to bring me downstairs, gritting her teeth.

"I can't make it..." I'm still begging her to let me be. I hold on tight to the wooden handle of the door.

"Trust me. You'll be juuuust fine," Nola says with a sly smile. "And you know what? Lewis is here."

"Lewis? The Lewis?"

"Exactly. A friend of mine says he can get Lewis here." She gives me a nudge. "Your Prince Charming, huh?"

Lewis is my tutor in senior year. He now goes to the same college as I do. I fell for him at the first sight when my brother brought him home for a party. But I didn't tell him. He's my brother's best friend. Colten forbids me to date any guy, let alone his friends.

But it's none of Colten's business. I know Lewis has no feelings for me either way.

How can he ever notice me? Let alone like me. I'm insignificant, while he's the wet dream of every girl in our high school and maybe the college.

Hell, maybe the whole world.

"Nola!" I stamp my feet. My face is burning hot. "Stop teasing me."

"What are you waiting for, you silly girl..." Then she just drags me downstairs when I' lost in thought. "You'll never get yourself a boyfriend like that."

She keeps scolding me and ignores all my protest.

By the time she lets go of my arm, I'm already downstairs in the crowds. I don't dare to continue yelling at Nola. Lewis might spot me if I do that.

Thank god this house is crowded. He won't notice me in a while. It means I can take my time to observe him.

I haven't seen him since the tutoring ended.

He's drinking near the window alone, handsome as ever. But he got a new haircut. He used to have long wavy hair that made him look like a prince in ancient times. Now his buzz cut makes him look like a masculine knight.

A perfect hero in my fantasy.

My eyes wander from his buzz cut to his adorable ocean eyes and then are fixed on those thin kissable pink lips.

How I wish to know how they taste... I bet they must be soft as a cloud and sweet as honey...

He's wearing a scarlet shirt and black jeans, casual as usual. Yet, his perfect body looks absolutely alluring even behind his clothes. I can still see some vague curves of his muscles from his chest, his arms, his thighs...

"Girl, stop drooling." Nola wakes me up from picturing the dirty scenes in my mind. "Go talk to him!"

"Nah... He probably has forgotten me, and he just sees me as his student." I bet he forgot me right after his work was done.

His silver necklace draws my attention whenever I see it. He wore it each time he came to teach me. I bet that necklace means a lot to him. Who gave it to him? His girlfriend? He has a girlfriend?

I keep thinking about these questions the whole time.

"But maybe he remembers," Nola argues. "And you're a woman now. Screw everything. Go seduce him!"

She slightly lifts her boobs with both hands to signal me. "Use your weapon and get him, you sexy lady. I got your back."

Suddenly, she pushes me forward with a great force.

I try my best to look up, only to find I'm heading to Lewis's direction.

Before I can say "Excuse me" to all those people trying to avoid me, I feel I land on something hard. I'm too scared to open my eyes. Lewis might think I'm so desperate and pathetic that I plan this.


Not Lewis's sound.

I open my eyes and jump to my feet immediately.

My brother blocks me before I could land on Lewis.

As Colten stands on his feet, he explodes right away. "What the hell are you doing? And how dare you dress like this?"

With his roar, everyone starts to look at me.

This is fucking embarrassing!

I want to flee, but Colten keeps scolding me and blocking my way. I'm so humiliated and don't dare to speak a word. Everyone around is smirking. Everyone but him.


He puts down the glass in his hand and stands up like a hero.

While looking at me.

Wait... Is he walking towards me?

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