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Chapter 13 No.13
Words Count: 1065    |    Released on:08/10/2022

Amber's POV

"Yeah. Yeah. Right around the corner. Please come immediately!" I yell at the phone. Maybe I shouldn't yell like that. But I'm nervous as hell.

I just wish that he's okay.

After hanging up the phone, I dial another number. "Colten, Lewis passed out in the middle of the street. Come and help us! It's just around the corner!" I shout the second he answers the phone.

"What are you saying? How did it happen..." Colten asks a bunch of questions over the phone. But I know he's rushing here, for I heard him slam the door. "I don't know either! I saw him stumbling when he left so I thought I'd better check it out. When I caught up, I saw him lying on the ground and I just couldn't wake him up."

"Please be alright. Lewis. Please," I pray inwardly.

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