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Chapter 45 No.45
Word Count: 1313    |    Released on: 13/01/2023

Amber's POV

"Do I ... know you?" I ask before that boy walks any closer.

My voice is trembling. All the bad things these days rush into my brain. I don't wanna get myself into any trouble in this secret alley where no one would come to my rescue. I look around to check if there's any other way out. If he keeps approaching, I'd better run now.

"You've forgotten me already, haven't you?" that boy asks with chuckles. Then he stops and smiles at me silently. Somehow I feel less scared after that warm smile. I don't know... But bad guys don't smile like that.

"Then you're..." I try hard to recall when I've heard this voice and seen this face, but I just can't think of anything. My brain is already stuffed with Lewis's things... Lewis's ex, Lewis's new girlfriend, Lewis this and Lewis that.

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